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My Self Confidence Muscle Needs To Tough Up

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Stuff happens every day that rocks my self-confidence.

But that’s OK.

My self confidence is like a muscle that hasn’t been challenged in a awhile. My self confidence had become lazy and complacent with my “old job.” I was in a place of “I can do this job with my eyes closed” which may be a good thing if your personality is OK with showing up, milking out an uninspiring job, collecting a paycheck every two weeks, and then doing it all over again.  

That is SO not my style.

I am thinking there is some “rocker” in my blood. I like to push the envelope, rebel, and buck the system. I also get depressed when bored, and my current employment had become source of painful boredom.

So I left.

You’re NUTS people howled. Even my supportive Mom was a hard-sell. But rest assured it wasn’t a leap without planning, strategies, and awareness. It wasn’t like I was thrust from gainful employment to a soul crushing termination.

I planned, plotted, and left.

Sure, there are brief moments of “night of the darkened soul” ( always at night when I am over-tired) when I wonder if I did the right thing. Then I wake up the next day with renewed determination and solid resolve that I am where I need to be. 

I am still discovering my path and job description. I firmly believe, when the dust settles, I will be focusing on one or two skills and rockin those to the nth degree. The worrying, fretting, calculating, and urge to take gigs that suck just because they are a paycheck is subsiding.  I am shaping who I am along with the skillset I want to focus on daily. My days are bright and full of promise,  and even brighter days are just around the bend 🙂

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  1. Loved the title of your blog post – we think alike. I’m a confidence builder and I invite people to join the Loop of Confidence to learn how to flex their confidence muscles. I’m also a women physiques competitor so having a good pair of actual “guns” to flex also helps 😉

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