Couponing 101: Set Up A Separate Email Account

Welcome back! Are we saving bouko bucks with coups yet?

Our family is still a work in progress. I have some VERY picky family members who are VERY “brand loyal” so taking advantage of sales has been a challenge. 

Back in April when I tool the Extreme Couponing course at Rasmussen College, one thing instructor John Van Cleave mentioned was to set up a separate email account just for your coupon sites newsletter and all the potential junk mail that could accompany it.

His suggestion is to create an email address you don’t use on a daily basis to use for signing up for coupon accounts/freebies. Keeping your passwords similar when signing up will keep things easier to manage as well

The reasoning behind this is that you are going to need to sign up for a variety of accounts and offers to cash in on the GREAT freebies that come along.  I definitely don’t want this sort of thing cluttering up my personal or business email. I was not very thrilled about having yet ANOTHER email to manage, but I truly do see the benefits of keeping it all separate.  

John also suggested to take steps to always protect your identity.  Most companies are looking for you to be of legal age (over 18) and that you have a valid email/mailing address, but under no circumstances should you ever give out your social security number or any information you feel uncomfortable with.

Happy Couponing! Here’s the Link Of The Week:

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