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Thursday Tutorial: Best Practices For Blog Commenting

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Welcome back to Thursday Tutorial! Last week we talked about how to comment on a blog. Didja try it? Huh? Huh? 

This week I want to take it a step further and give you some ideas on what proper commenting looks like:

*Watch your spelling! The one thing I dislike about comment boxes is there is NOT Spellcheck. I am fairly certain someday, someone will come to my door and present me with the award for “Most Misspells In A Comment Box.”

*Be real. Don’t put in a canned “Love your blog” comment, and leave. Bloggers are not stupid. We know a “dump and run” commenter when we see one. Take the time to read and make an intelligent comment.

*Don’t be rude, obscene, pick Cyber fights. Don’t post anything you don’t want A LOT of people to see.

*Comments are not an area for a Press Release About You. Hey, that’s lovely you lost 47.2 pounds using FatBGone last year, but really, this is not the place to try to recruit me into your Down Line.

* Return the favor. It’s an unwritten rule of blogging that if someone takes the time to stop by your blog and comment, you should return the favor. I have “met” some of the most AMAZING people this way. They are my bloggy buddies. My tribe. Here’s a few of my favs:

Theta Mom: Always classy. Always relevant. 
Storkbrokers: I hear the author is a real nut job, but her stuff is pretty good.. 😉 
Write Moms: Deanna is a fellow Minnesota Mommy Blogger and a heckva good author.
Scary Mommy: She’s raw. She’s real. She swears like a sailor. BUT, she is one of the best bloggers I read. 
Ann’s Rants: Only a half-a-notch below Scary Mommy. Her pee-myself-with-laughter blogging keeps me coming back for more.
The SITS Girls: One of the best sources for blogging and finding new blogs to read out there.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Prove to me you were paying attention and leave a comment below!

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1 thought on “Thursday Tutorial: Best Practices For Blog Commenting

  1. Remember the days when the only way to “meet” other bloggers was to leave a comment on people’s blogs and then return the favor? What happened to those days?
    Guilty of not always commenting but I ALWAYS leave a meaningful comment when I do to show that I DID read the post.
    To be honest, I couldn’t pick a favorite blogger at the moment. I like a few for different reasons.

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