Trisomy 18

Sunday Spotlight: Trisomy 18 Awareness Group

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From Marta MaClanahan
To my friends and family I want to share with you this link. Myself along with 6 other Trisomy parents have started a nonprofit Trisomy advocacy group called TAG. I couldn’t be more proud of them and myself. If you want to donate to a wonderful cause this would be it help us continue to speak out about our kids. Kayden was born June 19 2001 with trisomy 18. He is now 10 years old and is a very viable and valuable part of our family. He has taught my husband,myself and our two sons Braden and Jaiden so much about true love,patience and strength. His strength, fight, happy spirit and determination for life has made us stronger as a family. We love him so much and could never imagine our life with out him. Over the last 10 years I have seen so much discrimination against kids with Trisomy and it breaks my heart. Because of my love and fight for my own son I started seeking out how to help other families also fight for their own children. I feel strongly about our children deserving a chance at Life and should be treated as individuals and not as a diagnosis. I have seen to many cases where children were left to die because a Dr didn’t feel the child was worth treating. It has become my passion to help raise more awareness and stop the way our kids are viewed. I want to help give HOPE to other families.through this drive and passion to fight for my son i found this wonderful group of parents who felt as strong as I did and together we can make change. Because of Kayden our family is closer and stronger,we are better people because he is in our life. His great big smile and the way he bats his long eyelashes in excitement every time his brothers or us play with him proves his Love for us as well  
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