5 Tips on How to Find Time To Blog When You Work an 8 to 5 Job

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One of the hardest things (for me anyway) when it comes to blogging is lack-o-time. When I was still working out of the home, I would get up at 5:00 a.m to write, create, and blog.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I came across this great article on LogAllot on finding time when you don’t think you have any, and I want to share it with you.
Here are 5 Tips you can use to find time to blog when you think you have no time:
  •  Set up a Calendar and write down everything you do on a daily basis – For working mothers that work 8-5 jobs, it can be very difficult to handle kids and family. Write down all the activities you do for each day to see realistically where you have time to blog.
  • Keep a Note pad with you to jot down ideas for inspiration – Even at work you can find topics or ideas to create a post for your blog. Having a notepad close can ensure that you don’t forget something you saw on a billboard or something funny someone said.
  • Pick a day or few hours that you can blog consistently without interruption – Picking the right time during the day is important when you want to bust out a post. If you have kids, nap time might work best, or if your at work, using your lunch time might be perfect.  Pick 2 times that might work with your schedule and stick to it. If one doesn’t pan out, then use the other time you picked to see if that works instead. Be mindful that emergencies might pop up when you least expect it.
  • Set up Realistic Goals – Not everyone can bust out article after article. Some people may have more time on their hands then others, so figuring out what you can and can’t do is essential. Trying to push out an article defeats the purpose if you publish something you think is done with no heart. Don’t push yourself into doing something you don’t have time for. If you can only post 1-2 times a week then do that. Your readers will get use to the way your post, but stick to a plan and be consistent.
  • Create an office or separate area to blog – Most times you can’t always get away from the distractions around you, but if you can find a place where you can get some time to concentrate, it can be very helpful. If you have a separate room or place you can go to, identify that area as your location to blog and write. This will help others see in your house that when you’re in that room, it’s your time to write and you want to concentrate.
  • Utilize other blogs you see for inspiration – I love visiting and commenting on other blogs. I find awesome ideas to expand on and I get to network with some inspirational bloggers. Never miss the opportunity to learn from other bloggers, as they can teach you a wealth of additional tips and tricks that you can use to evaluate your blog to the next level.
  • Don’t beat yourself up because you want to take a break – We all have writers block or become consumed by everyday life where we can’t come up with any ideas on what to write about.  Forcing yourself to come up with a post will only produce articles you might not be proud of later on. If it’s not there, take a break and come back when your mind is clear.

Your niche might determine the nature of time required to keep your blog up to date and innovative. If you run a site dedicated to Coupons and Deals, you want to post daily and often. Other types of blogs might not need that kind of updating and you can get away with posting a few days a week.

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