Do A “Madonna” In 2012 and Re-Invent Yourself

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It’s all over the radio. People are hopeful and excited for a new year. A fresh start. A wiped slate.

A New Year is so much more that a date on a calendar. It’s a chance to reignite our fire-in-the-belly, put on our Big Kid Pants, and make some changes in our life.

Changes can be subtle, they can be drastic. They can be big. Or they can be little. The bottom line is, you are in control. Let’s git er done.

You didn’t like something in 2011. Change.It. All biotchin is voided January 1, 2012. Time to act.

To me, it’s a good time to do a personal evaluation. Not the “head shrinking” kind (Gawd help me, that will take YEARS) but the kid that involve details and options that can be quickly and easily changed. A chance to pull a Madonna and reinvent oneself a bit.

I like to “go personal” on these items. Things that will help me be a better ME in 2012. Feel better about ME. Here’s some ideas:
*Get my “hair did.” Having a fresh new do is a great way to ring in the New Year.
*Work on my Outer Shell: This would be a great time for a mani, lip wax, or maybe it’s time to go see my buddy PJ at O What A Tan and get a spray on glow (I can’t do tanning beds).
*Try something new: Could be new foods/diet. Could be new recipes. Could be new methods for organizing your life.
*Improve thyself: Sign up for a class. Take lessons for something you’ve always wanted to do. Pottery? Sure! Kickboxing? You bet! Copywriting? Why not!
*Go buy a pretty new outfit: All of it. From shoes to bling. Make it your “I’m Empowered In 2012” outfit.
*Go on a Daycation or Staycation. Take a day or a few, go somewhere and clear your head. These are perfect times to write down goals and To Do’s for the New Year. Can’t afford it? I didn’t say go to the Hyatt Regency. Just get away for a night. Couch surf at Aunt Mabel’s or mooch a night at a friends cabin. Carve out a few moments of solitude and reflections for YOU.

If you’re leaving 2011 feeling a little “stuck”, here’s the chance to plan, honor, and challenge yourself to Rock.IT in 2012.

“Run with the motors and leave the anchors behind.” -Shannon

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