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The ABC’s Of Following Your Dream (26 Keys That Worked For Me)

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1. Accept yourself as you are today, who you are today and where you are today.
2. Believe in yourself, your dreams and your future
3. Consider ALL the possibilities; the pros and cons.
4. Describe your dream using words, drawings, pictures.
5. Enjoy what you are doing; have fun.
6. Fail…it’s okay. You learn by doing and making mistakes.
7. Goals…set short term and long term goals. What do you want to accomplish today, next month, in twelve months, in five years?
8. Help others while pursuing your dreams and ask for help when needed.
9. Imagine your dreams in as much detail as you can…what does it look like, feel like, smell like?
10. Journey…following your dreams is a journey, not a destination.
11. Knowledge…never stop learning and acquiring new knowledge. Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge is key to succeeding in following and building your dreams.
12. Love yourself and love what you are doing.
13. Move…just keep taking one little step at a time.
14. No…Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ to certain activities and pastimes that take time away from your goals as you devote yourself to following your dreams.
15. Observe others who are committed to their dreams and learn from them.
16. Passion…ask yourself, “What am I passionate about?” Answer this question and you are halfway there.
17. Question…never stop asking questions and learning.
18. Relationships…it is extremely difficult and lonely to try and succeed on your own. Take the time to build a circle of support.
19. Share your knowledge and ‘know-how’ generously with others.
20. Track your progress. Keep a log or journal of your accomplishments and successes, as well as your mistakes and failures, and what you learned in the process.
21. Unique…lots of people may have the same dream as you, but you are unique and your dreams will manifest as a unique expression of your personal values, passions and knowledge.
22. Values…what are you personal values and beliefs? Are your dreams aligned with your core values?
23. Wobble…sometimes following your dreams is like learning to walk. You have to wobble and fall down once in awhile. Before long you will be walking and then running toward your dreams.
24. X marks the spot. Create a map to your dreams and mark them with a great big ‘X’.
25. Your dreams. Make sure you are following your dreams, not your parents, your friends, siblings, spouse, mentors or children. Your dreams.
26. Zigzag. No matter how clearly thought out your goals are, how clear your dreams may be, or how many maps you have created, the path to your dreams will never be a straight line. Be prepared to zigzag, while continuously correcting course.

Thank you to my buddy Sandy from The Dreaming Cafe for providing me with this inspiration. You can read more of Sandy’s brilliance HERE>

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