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Another Example of Why You Need to Listen to Your GUT!

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Illustration: Brian Cronin

I believe Moms and women possess a very strong intuition.

Our intuition will lead us down the right path, and raise red flags when things are amiss.

As my friend Deb Endres would say. “I don’t always understand the Red Flags, but I do have to pay attention to them. My gut rarely steers me wrong.”

I found an amazing story today on The Stir that is another example of why you should listen to your gut and that little voice in your head.

The nice voice in your head. Not the one that tells you to eat wood or put your child on Toddlers and Tiaras in a hooker outfit.

An 18 year old Michigan jogger impulsively decided to go for a last minute jog and for reason unbeknownst to him, took a rarely used trail. His decision saved a 2 year old toddler’s life. REad more:

What’s YOUR gut telling you today????

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