8 Time-Management Tips For Working From Home

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I seem to be hungry for working-from-home-self-employment information lately so I was pretty darn giddy when I found Miranda on Linked-IN. Miranda’s blog is called the Look Before You Leap self-Employment Blog and she has some great posts on there. 
There was one in particular that caught my eye: 8 Time-Management Tips For Working From Home, and she gave me permission to share an excerpt with you. 

Working from home can feel like a juggling act at the best of times.  It’s not easy to balance the kids, dishes, and laundry with a never-ending stream of emails, conference calls, and project assignments.  How do people that work from home do it?  After four years working from home myself, I can say with certainty that it is a dynamic juggling act that changes all the time. 
One of the first things I had to learn was time-management skills.  Making a to do list everyday just didn’t cut it.  I found I would work like crazy and still have a number of things left on the list, leaving me feeling incredibly frustrated.  I have since learned that every part of my day needs to be purposeful and I need to work smarter, not harder.  Here are some time management tips to consider if you’re currently working or planning to work from home:
1.     Set Priorities
This may seem like a given, but I found it very easy to loose sight of my priorities while working from home.  Many people choose to work from home because it is one way to stay home with their kids and still make an income. …..

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