VOLT! Adventures: My Week Of Driving GREEN.

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By now you may have noticed via Facebook..I have a new toy…


First let me clarify that it’s not “mine.” I need to give it back to Dondelinger Chevrolet soon. And trust me, I will CRY the day I need to do that. I am very grateful to Dondelinger’s for giving me this opportunity to drive this hot little number.

NOW, a little back story to answer the “WTF?” question about how I ended up driving The Volt for a week. About a year ago my bestie Shannon called me on the phone.

“Chevy is looking for Mom Bloggers,” she told me excitedly. “GO FOR IT!”

And I did.

Chevy was doing a nationwide campaign called Mom’s Time Out and they were looking for mom bloggers to use a Chevy Travers free for a month and blog about. It was the Twin Cities area’s turn and I was On.IT.

I applied and got a phone call from the Agency handling the campaign. I was in the running. The needed 5 mom bloggers and I was in the top 10. They based their choice on Social Media presence and blog quality so I was thrilled to even be in the top ten. I was told they would make their final decision in a week. If I made it, I would get a phone call. If I didn’t, I would get an email.

It was a loooonnnggg week.

Then, on the Day of Decision, my cellphone rang and YES..I almost peed myself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the news I was hoping for. “We love your blog, Becky” I was told. But the bottom line was, I lived too far away. The other 4 moms chosen all lived in the Metro and they just needed to keep things confined to one area.

Oh poo.

I was bummed, but also very flattered they had enough respect for me to give me a call instead of the email like they had said. After my initial bummage wore off, I decided to get proactive. I thought the campaign and the concept was awesome…so why not do it on a local level? I am all about the “keep your dollars local” thing anyway, right?

So called my buddy Deb Mitzel at Dondelingers and told her the story. They were intrigued and loved the idea too. There was only one problem. They didn’t have a Chevy Traverse to spare. This vehicle was HIGHLY popular and there was a waiting list for one so there wasn’t a chance of loaning me one for a day much less a month! So the project went on the back-burner.

Flash forward to now and enter the delightful Crystal Red Volt. A big THANK YOU to Deb@ Dondelinger’s for never forgetting and giving you, my beloved readers, the chance to know a little more about this kick-butt car.

In the days to follow, I will get into the details of my adventures with The Volt (or as my 5 year-old says “The Vulch”). Some will be funny, some of it will be informative.

But if definitely won’t be DULL.

You’ll have to excuse me now. The sun is rising and I have an incredible urge to go on a mini road trip. More details to come 🙂

If you are dying of curiosity and want to know the 411 on the Volt, go HERE for specs and reviews.

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