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Sunday Spotlight: Dr Seth & Dr. Danielle From Sazama Chiropractic

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Happy Sunday everyone! Time for Sunday Spotlight again! I took a little break over the Labor Day holiday, but I am back in the saddle again. I love doing this feature, and it continues to get great views and reviews from our readers. I think people like reading about other people, especially people in their own community.

This week I’d like to intro you to a very unique husband and wife Chiropractic Team. Welcome Dr. Seth and Dr. Danielle Sazama. I met the Sazamas at a networking event and was immediately struck by what genuinely NICE people they were. They are new to the Brainerd Lakes Area and are working hard to provide a “family” clinic in the truest sense, along with the highest quality of chiropractic care possible.

I had a chance to visit their new clinic on Forthun Road (over by Home Depot). and WOW. Classy. Welcoming. I could gush, but I’ll let Dr. Danielle and Dr. Seth tell their story:

ME: Tell us about your business. When did you start and how long you’ve been in business too.

SazamasWe opened July 1, 2011…yay! It has always been our vision and dream to own a family practice where we could help everyone in the entire family through chiropractic care. We are so blessed to have been given the opportunity in life to help others in this way.

ME: Share what attracted you two to Chiropractic and what is it that you like most about it?

Sazamas: What attracted us to Chiropractic and becoming doctors was the ability to be able to help people through and positive, safe and natural approach to overall health. We love helping infants all the way to geriatrics keep a healthy spine.Being a family practice we are dedicated to having the most efficient and state of the art equipment at the clinic to meet the needs of every individual.

We offer a couple tables that are especially used for pregnant moms allowing the mom and baby to be comfortable while receiving the benefits of chiropractic care. We also use different chiropractic methods that incorporate using very gentle pressure in addition to the more traditional methods of chiropractic care.

ME: What’s been your biggest challenge thusfar?

Sazamas: Getting our name out into the community and letting everyone know that we are open!

ME: I know you two are not from the Brainerd Lakes area originally. Share with us a little of your background and life.

Sazamas:We are originally from central Nebraska and through school we had met a great group of friends who were Minnesotans who ranted and raved about Minnesota! So, when we were deciding on a place to live and raise a family we decided to look at Minnesota as one of our options. Going through the process we made a list of 10 non-negotiable things we wanted in a place to call home, so we went on, which helped us decide and come up with our top 10 list of non-negotiables. From there we charted 15 Midwest cities that met our top ten requirements. Then, using we created a spreadsheet of demographics, charting growth, population size, crime index and many others we felt were important. After we narrowed it down we visited the top three, one being Brainerd! When we visited the Brainerd lakes area we knew this was the place we were going to start the next chapter of our lives.

ME: Like I mentioned before, you two are really unique. Share with us what sets you apart from most chiropractic offices.

Sazamas:We truly are a family chiropractic clinic “where our family cares for your family”. As a husband and wife team we are able to offer family friendly chiropractic methods and a warm and welcoming environment.

ME: Who would you say your role models are in life?

Sazamas:( Seth): My role models would have to be my grandparents. They have been married for over 70 years and still enjoy spending time with each other and love life. (Danielle): My role models would have to be my parents. They are the most giving people that I know and would do anything for others.

ME: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years??

Sazamas: In five years we see ourselves right here in the Brainerd lakes area raising a family.

ME: I think it is very cool and very admirable you two work together all day long, and then go home to the same house! What are the “pros and cons” to working in the same profession and in the same building!

Sazamas: Pros: We are together all day long. Cons: We are together all day long! But the reality is, we love working together and of course there are those times where you can get on each other’s nerves, but all in all it is great being able to share the day.

ME: Ok, this is one of my favorite questions; if you could have any superpower, what would it be???

Sazamas:Seth’s superhero power would be the ability to be able to make body doubles so he could be everywhere at once. Danielle’s superhero power would be the ability to be able to teleport or time-warp around the world…that would be sweet!

ME: Love.IT. I could see you two “teleporting” all over the world! I know you two are very outdoorsy. What do you like to do in your “down times?”

Sazamas: Outdoorsy is right! We love to go boating, fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, play sports, run and play with our two Labradors, but for the most part we love to just stay active.

ME: Who’s got the biggest pet peeve and what is it??

Seth: My pet peeve would have to be mean people. 

Danielle: My petpeeve would have to be someone that chews their gum with their mouth open…yum!

ME: Ok, I think Danielle may have won that one! I am pretty sure I saw Sazama Chiropractic on Facebook, yes?

Sazamas: Yes we are on Facebook, so follow us and feel free to ask any questions or comment. Feel free to check out our website too There’s some great videos, tutorials, and information about Chiropractic on there!

ME: Any last thoughts?

Sazamas: Honestly, we love being chiropractors. We look forward to each day and getting to see and help people in a very positive and rewarding way. However, Seth does have second thoughts about being a pro fisherman…heehee.Life is Good!

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