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Sunday Spotlight: Dr Arnhold OBGYN from Essentia Health

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Sunday Spotlight time again! And once again we are continuing our quest to help you get to know the amazing team of OBGYN docs at Essentia Health Brainerd Campus. Kind of a “peeling back the layers” a bit to help you get to know them and their lives a bit more. It’s also part of Essentia’s efforts to introduce potential patients to their doctors before making an appointment so they can personally make a connection and informed decision.
This week: Dr. Jennifer Arnhold, M.D

Where are you from? Not too far from Brainerd in Grand Rapids, MN.

Where did you study? I attended Medical School and Residency at Creighton University, Omaha, NE
Why did you decide to specialize in OB Medicine? It’s exciting! For me it brought everything together with long-term relationships with patients and variety.
What drew you to Brainerd, MN for your practice? I love the lakes and the community was a perfect size.
What part of your career is most fulfilling? Establishing commonality and trust with patients for a long-term relationships. Getting to know the non-medical things about my patients first.
Describe your personality and how it plays a part in the way you interact with patients. I take care of people well.
Is there a certain patient type you are drawn to or want to focus on? I enjoy patients in which a long-term relationship is formed. Those that share stories and I can celebrate with when they are engaged, getting married, having a baby and all the things that life brings.
What are your passions outside of medicine? (hobbies, activities, community involvements, etc.) I enjoying being on the water boating or in the ice house. I also like to read and spend time with my husband.

Jennifer J. Arnhold, M.D.

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