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Edition 9 Mom Squad Coupon Packs-We Are Trying Something NEW!

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We are doing things differently for Edition 9!!!

HOT OPPORTUNITY!! I’ve been looking for a way to take LAMS to the next level for my Mom Squaders..& I think I found it. 
Dollars Inside is a new, and super nice magazine-style coupon book that is mailed to 20,000 Brainerd Lakes area households.20,000!!! PLUS, any ad you placein DI  is viewable & printable on their website. BOO-ya!
Dollars Inside is new, hot, hip & I am hearing great results from businesses that have already advertised in it. SO, here’s the scoop. Jason from DI has worked out a collaboration with Mom Squad. We have the opportunity to split TWO  8×11 ad pages between  16 of us.
 Ads would be in block form & roughly be 2×3 in size. Deadline is Sept 5, and cost is $55.00 each. Your ad/coupon would be in the October 1 issue. Jason will work with you on set-up and layout of your ad. Can be an ad or coupon.  Remember folks..this goes to 20,000 households! That’s HUGE. Here’s their website if you want to take a look.Dollars Inside
I am leaning towards trying this avenue instead of our quarterly coupon packs. Mom Squaders would save printing costs and get greater coverage.  
As of this blog post… I have only FOUR SPOTS LEFT.  
Time is of the essence. Please let Jason or myself know ASAP if you’d like to give this a whirl. I hope you do.

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