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Sunday Spotlight: Q&A With Dr Hal Leland from Essentia Health!

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Good morning all! Is everyone enjoy this balmy weather?

Yes NO? Me either.

Sorry. If I wanted to live in the tropics..I’d move there. HA! But it is still better than 20 below.

It time for the SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY!! Woot! And we are doing something fun and new today. I have the chance to help YOU get to know Essentia Health’s OB/GYN’s docs!

I know they are all awesome, but this will give you the chance to get to know them a bit better. Kinda like peeling back the layers of their life and seeing their history, likes, and passions.

I am especially excited about today’s interviewee. Why? Because he was our doc with our last pregnancy. And he was a peach. He deserves an award for putting up with my preggo, advanced-maternal-age, neurotic/spazy carcass. I am excited to intro…Dr. Hal Leland!

Happy Sunday Dr. Leland. Let’s get down to business. Where are you from? I grew up in Fergus Falls, MN

A Minnesota boy! Where did you study medicine? I graduated from Concordia in Moorhead, then graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. I did my residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and have been here since.

I always admire doctors because their professional is so important to everyday life. Did someone inspire you to become a doctor? My home-town family physician took me under his wing and took me on call with him when I was in high school. He planted the seed.

Why did you decide to specialize in OB Medicine? OB/GYN gives me a lot of variety: primary care, low and high risk OB, endocrinology/infertility and surgery. I also like to see more immediate results from my efforts. Also, my medical school OB/GYN rotation was the most fun of them all.

Well, I was definitely in the “high risk” category and you always made me feel well taken care of. What drew you to Brainerd, MN for your practice? Brainerd attracted me for the lakes and recreational opportunities like the Paul Bunyan trail, skiing at the Arboretum. We also wanted a community big enough to support a good school system and have retail and entertainment amenities, but still be “small.”

It’s the water! Everyone loves the water! Describe your area(s) of focus within OB/GYN. My greatest area of practice focus is female urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapsed.

I already know this 🙂 but describe your personality and how it plays a part in the way you interact with patients. I’m a bit of an extrovert, and therefore like interacting with people. I also like to teach, and pride myself on educating my patients to heavily involve them in decision-making.

I agree! I know I asked endless worry-wart questions when I was p.g, and you never made me feel silly. You also had this uncanny knack for knowing what my personality was, and what to say. Your best advice to me (during pregnancy) was “sleep when your body tells you it needs it.” What three words best define you? Energetic, commonsensical (is that a word?), and an educator.

I don’t know if commonsensical is a word, but hey. This is a blog. Anything flies here. What are your passions outside of medicine? Outside of work, I love anything on skis (water, cross-country, downhill), anything outdoors, music and my family.

Thanks so much Dr Leland. Since there’s no more babies in this old Mama’s future, maybe I’ll see you out on the lake! If you want more info on Essentia Health Family Birthplace and the ObGyn’s, head over HERE

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