Motherhood Cause and Effect

Motherhood Cause and Effect Chart

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Moms believe in the chaos theory – not the chaos-in-the-house one, although that one obviously applies too. The one that says each little event leads to another event and causes long-term effects. You know – a butterfly flaps its wings in China and you end up with two kids. (from Have Kids Will Blog)

Cause                                                    Effect
Sex ———————————-> Pregnancy
Pregnancy ————————->    Hormonal nut job
Hormonal nut job —————– >   Arguments
Arguments ————————>   Make-up sex
Make-up sex ———————>    Already pregnant, no change
Pregnancy ———————— >  Childbirth
Childbirth ————————- >  Pain, lots of pain
Childbirth ————————- >  Baby
Baby ——————————- >  JOY, LOTS OF JOY
Baby ——————————->  Totally trippy new kind of love
Baby —————————— >  Sleeplessness
Sleeplessness ——————— >  Mama the Grouch
Mama the Grouch —————- > Daddy the Hero
Daddy the Hero —————— > More sex
More sex ————————- >  Nooooo! Oh. Whew.
Baby smiles ———————- > Trippy love increases exponentially
Demanding baby —————– > No time
No time ————————– > Housewifery diminishes
Housewifery diminishes ———- > Guilt
Guilt —————————– > Babysitter
Babysitter ———————— > Housewifery resumes
Babysitter ———————— > Guilt
Guilt —————————– > STOP THIS CRAZY RIDE!
Housewifery abandoned ———- > Guilt plus relief
Baby claps ———————— > Trippy love skyrockets
Baby grows ———————– > Semblance of routine forms
Routine forms ——————– > Life is hard, but big fun
Fun life ————————– > Baby fever returns with vengeance

What would your chart look like?

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