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Sparkle: Part Two

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It’s time to Sparkle again!!!


OK, if you missed the first installment of What Makes YOU Sparkle, pop over here and give a quick read. Such a fun post to write.

For those of you still pondering the whole “Sparkle” topic, here’s some ways to keep a tight grip on Sparkle you already have.

Do something that you love to do. Screw the housework..if you like rollerblading, Do.IT.

Find something new and exciting and try it, today.

Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never made time for in the past. I’ve always wanted to Belly Dance. DONE. 🙂

•Help someone less fortunate than yourself. Volunteering is a kick and unbelievably fulfilling.

•Let someone else help you. WHAT? Yeah you, Super Mom. Let someone help you for a change. You don’t have to ‘do it all” all the time.

Create something unique. A program. A product. And idea. Even Apple computers started in someones (Steve Jobs) garage.

Write your happy memories. Don’t be Eeyore. Be Piglet. Focus on the good.

•Be in the company of children for a while. I have two to rent. They are house-trained, don’t smell too bad, and are only moderately mouthy. OK, kidding. NOT for rent. Mine are extra precious. They have the amazing ability to help me see things in a fresh, new, childlike light.

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Who’s your Sparkle Award going to this week??

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