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5 Creative (& Cheap) Ways to Market Your Biz

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Early Bird Gets The Worm!

But as far business marketing these days,  I would say this:

“The Resourceful & Creative Bird Gets The Worms.” These days it’s more important then ever to think outside-the-box. Over used term??…ummm…YUP. But a true one. Here’s some advice:

1. Team up! Find someone who can share links with, exchange add space with, and cross promote with. A local book store that is a few doors down from a coffee shop could easily generate business by tag-teaming on coupon since book reading and coffee drinking often go hand in hand.

2. Think outside the box. Advertise and market somewhere completely new like restaurant placemats. Be on the look-out local directories to list your biz in. Offer to write a free article for a local newsletter, magazine, or paper in exchange for a tagline with your contact info. Think beyond conventional ways to advertise and anew possibilities emerge.

3. Volunteerism, baby. You can network, connect, and gain visibility for yourself all while providing much-needed help in your community (plus volunteering is FUN).

4. Be your own Social Media Guru: Know everything you can about Social Media, and WORK IT. Like it or not, Facebook and Twitter are tremendous traffic-drivers for blogs and websites. You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to achieve the basics. Just.Do.It. If you know nothing about Social Media…the tsunami of Social Media is HERE. You better learn how to swim.

5. Align Yourself as an Expert and Educate: Educating other people automatically makes you the “go-to” person in your field. Teach a class, start an on-line discussion, sit on a panel. If you are the one who’s telling them, who do you think they will consider the expert?”-Ann Convery (Speaker and Trainer and contributor to Hot Pink Candy)

Have any creative marketing ideas??? Oh! Oh! I know

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