The Big Book Of Exclamations

Sunday Spotlight: Teri Kaminski Peterson & The Big Book of Exclamations!

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The other night, my 5 year old pulled out one of her favorite books.

But this delightfully illustrated and written book is designed for more than “read to me Mom”, it is meant to be interactive adventure. A book to help parents with the challenges of keeping their child seated and attentive during story time.

Another thing that’s special is it was given to me by a neat lady named Teri Kaminski Peterson. Who happens to be a home-town gal. Who also happens to be the author of The Big Book Of Exclamations.This book is pretty special. Not only is it bright, cheerful, and BIG, this book just cries “read it to me Mom”!

Miss Teri is a board-certified speech pathologist holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence with American Speech and Hearing Association. She currently works for Big Stone Therapies in Baxter and has also had a private practice in the past.

“For many years I have listened to parents say, ‘I didn’t know you could use books this way—I thought you had to read the story!’” Says Teri. “Parents continue to talk with me about the challenges of keeping their child seated and attentive during story time, especially the active little ones. It is my personal hope that this book teaches parents and caregivers a new way to use books—a way which promotes communication, turn taking, active participation, shared attention, and genuine love!”

The Big Book of Exclamations is an educational children’s book designed to promote speech sound development, and imitation of gestures, sounds, and words. Unlike most books, it doesn’t have a story to read. Instead, along the bottom of each page, there are prompts which teach parents/caregivers how to act out the illustrations and interact with children using gestures, sounds, and words. This twenty-four page book is also filled with information intended to help parents understand speech and language development, and also provides resources for those seeking advice.

My 5 year old does not have any speech delays (her ability to mouth-off works just fine), but she adores this book just because it’s fun. I like it because it keeps her little busy-butt mesmerized until the last page.

May is National Better Speech and Hearing Month. Teri did an interview on the Fox 9 Saturday morning news show at 8:15 and unfortunately, I missed it! (drat!) BUT I will be watching for Fox 9 to post the video so I can watch and be mesmerized by the energy and spunk that is Teri Kaminski Peterson!  If you know of a family struggling with a child with speech delays, I highly recommend The Big Book of Exclamations. Share the news and “pass it on.” Your support is greatly appreciated!

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