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Sunday Spotlight: A Recap Of A Pretty Cool Week

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Happy Sunday my peeps!! If you are wondering if I am dragging my feet on our beloved Sunday Spotlight feature…well Yes…and NO.

Yes, I am kinda draggin my tootsies, but it’s for a specific reason. I am holding off because I want our nice plump Edition 8 Coupon Packs to be available to YOU before I get too crazy with profiles from our Mom Squaders. I have some great interviews “on deck” just waiting to be released too. Just to give you a little teaser, this upcoming Edition (that should be out by June 1) is full of some pretty cool deals, unique new businesses, and some kick-butt information.  I am STOKED`to get into everyone’s hot little hands, but I want to do things in the proper order.

BUT, before June 1, skate on over to our Edition 7 roster page and give er one last look-see.

OK, recap time! Was it a a full moon this week??? Good Lord people were a tad..spazy this week. Maybe it was the impending Rapture. Maybe y’all won’t be here tomorrow to read this fine, well-crafted post of mine. But if the end of the world is coming, maybe I’ll do something I’ve never done and have always wanted to. Like Drunken Facebooking, perhaps. Do I have time? Does the world end quickly? Or do we have time to get a few things off the Bucket List first? Just askin.

ON to the “good stuff” of this last week. Firstly I want to say what a BLAST the Positive Charge Premier was Tuesday night. For those who aren’t aware, Brainerd Rotary worked on this amazingly cool campaign called Positive Charge. Positive Charge is a community wide photo adventure that will display positive messages and motivational statements in storefronts across the Brainerd lakes area. Photos of community members having fun — in groups, solo, with pets, props, whatever — will be featured holding signs with their messages, in their writing, answering one question. Why do you love living here?

The result of this project was the “World Premier” Tuesday night which bff Shannon dubbed as a “17 minute continuous smile.”  Here’s the link to watch it yourself and let’s see how many people you recognize.!/video/video.php?v=1894033822809&oid=160812023972966&comments
And here’s a few favs of mine:


Highlight #2 was that I officially kicked off the new project of Lakes Area Mom Squad which is…(drum roll) Social Media Training and Consulting! Thanks to Greg and Mel at Bearly Used & New for entrusting me with their Facebook page…and NO, I will not be Drunken Facebook there. I am however, going to ask you to pop over there and “Like” their FB page cuz, well let’s face it, I would be doing my job and I didn’t require ,demand, force request you do so.!/pages/Bearly-Used-and-New/184755868780
If you have an interest or a need for some Social Media assistance, click HERE and check it out.

Mom Squad News: Mom Squader Sandy Strom: Independent Avon Representative will be one of the stops this Thursday night during Nisswa Chamber Lucky Ladies GNO event! Pop by Sandy’s house for deals and treats. Get more info about this fun Girls Night Out event HERE!

And lastly, this one is all about me,Me,ME!!!! Sorry, but I am excited. Speaking of Bucket List, here’s one off of mine. I have always wanted to Guest Post on one of the “A-List” blogs and I achieved that this week. Boo-yah! A big THANK YOU to Stacie Vaughn and her amazing blog Simply Stacie for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge on her blog. Here’s my story, and be sure and subscribe to Stacie’s blog too.

Toodles for now!

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