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Should the Economy Stop You From Starting Your Own Business? Part Two

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Last week I intro’d you to buddy and mentor Sandy from the Dreaming Cafe, and you got her take on the question Should the Economy Stop You From Starting Your Own Business? I got great feed back from that piece and Sandy, bless her heart, offered up Part Two of this awesome and timely topic.

Hi, I’m Sandy from The Dreaming Cafe: Where self-discovery, self-expression, and self-employment come togetherContinuing last weeks theme, today I want to introduce you to four women who have launched their own businesses over the last eighteen month, despite the economy.

But, before I do, I want to tell you that if it weren’t for Twitter I would have never met any of these women. Don’t let anyone try to tell you social networking, and Twitter in particular, is a waste of time. They have no idea what they are talking about.

These women inspire me every day. They are all doing their own thing, in their own way and helping others along the way.

I’ve met three of them in person and have worked with the fourth. Their approach to entrepreneurship isn’t about doing one thing or selling one product. They are embracing all of their gifts, experimenting with them and sharing them with the rest of the world in a variety of ways. They are building a life of independence and freedom and they are doing it despite the economy. And, so can you.

Heather Plett – Sophia Leadership

Bio: In Heather’s own words:
“I am your host at Sophia Leadership. It is my dream that all of us – women AND men – will learn to honour the feminine wisdom within us. May we embrace our spirituality, creativity, intuition, compassion, and wisdom, and may it transform the way we lead and the way we interact with each other and the world.

My mission is to help other emerging leaders – whether at the kitchen table or boardroom table – to be strong enough to stand with me in challenging the status quo.”
Check out Heather’s e-course, Let Go of the Ground

Where to find Heather:

Twitter: @heatherplett

Facebook: Sophia Leadership

 Connie Hozvicka – Dirty Footprints Studio

Bio: In Connie’s own words:

“I am passionate about helping women rise above their fears, strengthen their intuition, and grow confidant as Artists through my FEARLESS Painting Process. I do this obsessively through painting, yoga, diving full heartedly into my life’s adventure and sharing all of it with you in my biz/blog Dirty Footprints Studio. I am also the founder and director of 21 SECRETS and 30Journals 30Days because I believe art journaling can change the world!”

Where to find Connie:

Twitter: @dirtyfootprints

Facebook: Dirty Footprints Studio/98454113642

Marianne Cantwell – Free Range Humans

Bio (from Marianne’s webiste):

Marianne Cantwell is a Free Range Human, and an unconventional career change expert who helps people escape the 9-5 and do what they love (even when they have no idea what that is yet).

Marianne knows that her clients are unique and want something more than an ‘average’ job. And she knows you’re not getting anywhere trying to ‘discover’ that magical off the shelf job that will tick all your boxes . So instead she helps you figure out what you want and then CREATE a bespoke, perfect Free Range career that integrates everything you want and truly fits.

Join the Free Range Tribe and receive one of my favorite newsletters.

Where to find Marianne:

Twitter: @freerangehumans

Leah Shaver – LeahCreates Web & Graphic Design

Bio: In Leah’s own words:

“I am a web designer/developer, graphic designer, photographer, and mixed-media artist. I also play the role of part-time college student but I’m forever changing my mind about “what I want to be when I grow up”. (I think the truth is that I’m already there!)

I’ve been designing and building websites since 1999. I worked for a New Hampshire web development agency for two years, and then took the leap to freelancing. I am a Photoshop diva, CSS ninja and WordPress whiz. I’m also pretty great at personal branding – business cards, resumes, letterhead, etc.”

And, if you are looking to start you own blog or website or need a graphic design help, Leah is the one to go to. Check out her Take Flight Started Sites (PS Leah created my logo and header design and the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree logo and header.)
Where to find Leah:
Twitter: @leahcreates

Facebook: LeahCreates Web & Graphic Design

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