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If Wishes Were Fishes, I’d Have A Pond Full

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Not too long ago, my kids decided to make a wish on a star on one particularly clear starry night.

It was cute to listen to my son’s “I wish for a dog(which would mark the 180,000th time we’ve heard that. And that’s just in the last 6 months) and our 5 year old daughter’s wish “to walk on a rainbow.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if it was really that simple?

I think as Mommy’s, we all have huge hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires…but not always enough energy to get our butts up outta bed in the morning. The desire is there. The drive? Not-so-much.

Or we just plain wish for things that would make our children’s world a better place. And we have no idea how to achieve it.

So right now, even though I should be doing SOMETHING with the filthy abyss that is my house, or even NOT doing something (it’s Sunday. It’s the “day of rest” for pete’s sake) I want to get my list off my chest.
1. I wish they’d invent a machine or device for rapists, wife beaters, and pedophiles that would re-program them and stop their destructive ways. Or send them to an island by themselves.

2. I wish they made an oven that flushes so I don’t have to clean mine anymore. (who am I kidding, I NEVER clean my oven anyway)

3. I wish I could spend days-on-end learning, reading, researching, writing, creating, blogging, teaching, dreaming and sharing…with an occasional nap thrown in. DAYS I’m telling you..days.

4. I wish I had the time to take my knowledge of ebaying, frugality, organizing, selling, parenting, blogging, & social media and spin it into something that I could use to share and teach, all while making enough $$$ to support my family. Angel Investor anyone?

5. I wish my butt wasn’t two-ax-handles wide. And that Rubbermaid tub of gorgeous size 14 clothes in the basement fit me. Wow. How’s that for raw? 🙁
 6. I wish there was no such thing as child neglect and abuse. Do these people not know of what a precious gift they have in a child?

7. I wish I had the super power of being invisible, so I could kick the crap out of said child abusers and neglectors….and not get arrested for it.

8. I wish someone would come in my house RIGHT NOW, and massage my neck, rid me of my migraine, and rub my feet for good measure…..all for free.

9..I wish I knew of a way I could speak in front of large groups of people…without nearly soiling myself from nervousness.

10. I wish babies/kids DID come with an instruction manual. Or at least a complimentary month with Super Nanny. Then I would not have to use the phrase “Epic Parent Fail” quite so often.

11. I wish men could walk in our shoes for just.one.day and experience a menstrual cramp. OK, maybe three days. They really should be able to get the full effect of that lovely Monthly Gift from Aunt Flo.

So what do YOU wish for???

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