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5 Creavity Killers To Avoid

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There are days, when ideas are popping my head like popcorn. I can hardly keep up and long for the time and head space to just process it all……

…..and on other days…Not.So.Much.

On those days, I’d like to just crawl in bed and contemplate nothing more that how scoops of ice cream to have (soy ice cream thank-you-very-much), but obviously the best defense would be to not get to that SlugFest stage at.all.

I came across a great piece from local marketing head Mark Fyten. Mark has a great (and free!) newsletter called News & Notes On-Line that I highly recommend subscribing to. I always learn something new from his tidbit packed newsletters. check it out:

Avoid These Five Creativity Killers:

*Avoid a Sterile Environment. If you have brainstorming sessions in a dull, staid conference room, consider changing the location – or changing the room. Paint it bright white and then during meetings use colored markers to jot down notes or doodle right on the walls. This will help feed the senses.

*Don’t Be a Stick In The Mud. – Rigid rules and barriers prevent people from gathering useful information and/or from connecting with contemporaries. “Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!”

*Chill Out – Stress is a distraction that drains energy that could otherwise be used creatively. It’s also bad for your health. Relax, take a deep breath, meditate.

*A Rut is Just a Grave With the Ends Removed… If your recent output has been less than spectacular then you’re likely in a routine rut. If you do things the same way all the time you start to limit your options to problem solutions. Open your mind, try something new.

*Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat. – Who cares what others think? Go for it. Throw caution to the wind and express your creative thoughts. Fear is a limiting factor.

**Personally, I (Becky) need to work on the Don’t Be A Scaredy Cat (or in my case “kitten” know..I am just so YOUNG) part. I worry wwwaaayyyy to much about what other people think!

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