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Sunday Spotlight! FAQs About Lakes Area Mom Squad

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Happy Sunday all! Palm Sunday to boot. I want to take a different angle this week for our ever-popular Sunday Spotlight. With our Edition 8 deadline looming, and more and more interest being generated around our unique project, I thought it would be fun to “go back to basics” and talk about US for a change. I think most readers know who we are and what we are about, but it’s nice to have a refresher sometimes too.

SO…here we go. Frequently Asked Questions with Lakes Area Mom Squad.

What the heck is a “Mom Squad?” Lakes Area Mom Squad a low cost marketing opportunity for Mom–owned and “Mom friendly” businesses in the Brainerd Lakes Area. LAMS is a co-operative effort to help business owners grow and get their name in front of our community via our FREE Coupon Packs project, events, and unique Social Media efforts. Our goal is to create a core of Moms/Women in businesses, gain visibility, and keep our dollars local.

Where did your tagline come from:Together We Are The Power of Mommy”….was just something I (Becky) drummed up in my beleaguered little brain. I thought it sounded hip and fun.

Why do you target women and Moms?? Did you know that 2.1 trillion dollars a year are spent by ….MOMS. 80% of household spending decisions are made by …..MOMS. We wanted to tap into some of that magic, baby!

When you say “we”..who’s “we?” We is a team of three wildly creative, completely fabulous women (I can say that cuz, I’m one of ’em!). I (Becky) am the official “owner” of LAMS. My unofficial title is “Sales & Marketing Spaz.” Kristen is the co-founder and the inspiration behind our logo and our “look”. Shannon is the Energizer Bunny of our team. I joke she is my “Project Manager” (an unpaid position) and I truly would have gone bat-crap-crazy a long time ago if it wasn’t for Shannon’s support, efforts, encouragement, and occasional much-needed-verbal-kick-in-the-pants. If you want to know who’s who, take a look at our mug shots on the lower right sidebar of the blog.

So, what’s all this “Coupon Pack” business? We are a low cost marketing project that involves creating and distributing 2000 Coupon Packs to Lakes Area women and moms. Our Coupon Packs are created quarterly and distributed through select Discover Rack locations, Mom’s groups like MOMs or MOPS, via local community events like WJJY’s Girl’s Nite Out or Downtown Brainerd Women’s Walkabout, at the Chamber Welcome Center, in the “new Mom diaper bags” at Family Birthplace at St Joseph’s Medical center, and many other creative ways. If there’s a way/place to distribute and get our packs into the hands of local shoppers, we find it!

Do you allow out-of-state businesses or National businesses in your coupon packs? We want to encourage consumers in our community to keep their dollars local. The only way I would allow out-of-state, or a National brand into our packs was if it was truly something unique that I thought would make our customers lives easier. It would also have to not compete with a local biz. We want our peeps to “put their money where their house is.” Buy Local. Be Local.

What is iSpace? Lakes Area Mom Squad also offers co-working office space opportunities for any business who can’t afford, or doesn’t need full-time office space. There’s more details HERE.

 So, as a business owner, what’s in it for me?? The answer is a multitude of things. Our main goal is shine the spotlight on local business and help those businesses grow. Not everyone has thousands, or even hundreds of dollars to spend on advertising and in this wonky economy the more creative, the better. Lakes Area Mom Squad provides a unique way to gain new customers and add visibility for your business through our Coupon Packs, Social Media campaigns (Twitter & Facebook), and Sunday Spotlight profile interviews on this BLOG. We are blazin new trailed here, and we Love.IT

What prompted you to start LAMS? A big part of my belief is that “we are all in this together” and like any true networking group we need to support each other. I do business with you, you do business with me, and together we are a success.

Who can I give these Coupon Packs to? Hand out our rockin Coupon Packs to your friends, rellies, customers, frenemies, your uncle’s wife’s sister’s cousin who has the 3-legged cat in Crosby.

And if the cat likes to get good deals, give him one too. We’re cool with it.

Do you have limits on business categories like a networking group? NOPE. The only time I will “limit” a business is with the Direct Sales businesses like Avon, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, 31, etc. I don’t think it’s fair to have two Avon people or 3 Tupperware people in an Edition. Too “cut-throaty’. However if we have an Edition where 2 massage therapists want to be apart of things, go for it! The more, the merrier!

Do I have to be a Mom to participate? Heck no! Our main requirement is that your business be mom-owned or “mom-friendly.” Guys, Girls, Grandpas, Dogs, Aliens…we don’t care. Bring it on!

What purpose does the Mom Squad Central blog serve? Blogs are an amazing, fun, interactive way to get info out there and engage with readers. Mom Squad Central is no different. This blog gets about 1,000 views a week which, I might add, is pretty stinkin good. I (Becky) am the writer and creator of this blog. I try to always offer up info and stories that have value. I want what I share to be useful content that not only makes our community better, but makes the lives of our readers better and easier. I have my own flavor and style, but I think that’s what makes me unique. I blog like I talk, and I think that conversational style helps ’em comin back for more!

Why should I subscribe? Because life moves fast. Nothing quite like a gentle reminder in your InBox that says “hey, cool stuff over at Mom Squad Central!” And NO, we don’t use your email for evil. The “Subscribe” box is on the right sidebar. It would make me deliriously happy if you were to plug your email in and subscribe!

How can I participate in Edition 8? We’d love to have you! The deadline is May 15th, and you can go HERE for full details and Guidelines! If you are in Direct Sales, shoot me an email and I can tell you if there’s already a representative for your line in our Edition 8. Becky@lakesareamomsquad.com

Any last words of wisdom? “Never underestimate the power of each single voice in your word of mouth campaign”

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