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Maximizing Facebook: Eight Quick and FREE Tips!

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I love Facebook. Not the Play-The-Dumb-Games-Until-3 a.m Facebook. The valuable and powerful tool for connection and business that Facebook IS.

OK…I’m going to cut to the chase and give you some super-fab tips to help YOU get the most out of Facebook (“FB”) for both your Profile and Page.

But first….what’s the dif?? What’s the difference between a “Profile” and a “Page”? Profiles are for people. Pages are for business. Facebook does not allow you to use your personal profile for monetary gain….thus Facebook Pages.

1. How do I start my own Business Page? The best way it to go to a page on FB that you are not an Admin of, scroll down and on the lower left side click

2. Want to link to someone else on FB in a comment? Use the “@” symbol in front of their name. If you are connected to their Profile or Page, their name will suddenly become a clickable link. Example: “Affordable conference room rates at @iSpace”.

3. If you are already active on FB with a Page, I highly recommend getting a “vanity URL”. This is a Facebook URL that is not the generic string of code that FB provides, but one that lets Fans or Likers know it’s you. There’s a quick, simple tutorial HERE.

4. The new Facebook updates has now put a strip of five of your most recent photos across the very top of your blog. Hate a picture that keeps showing up? No prob. Take your cursor and head for the top right corner of that picture until an “x” shows. Click the “x” and bye-bye annoying picture. That picture will now be on “hide” will not pop up again. Take this one step further. Load pictures that are very relevant to your business. Take it one step further and hire a graphic designer to load a banner about your biz in place of those pictures. This is valuable real estate! USE IT!

5.What’s the difference between “most recent” and “top news” at the top of your Facebook profile? “Top News” are the posts Facebook thinks you will have most interest in based on your interaction with those profiles/pages. Want to see everyone? Click “Most Recent” and get ALL the posts, people, and news!

6. I’m going to quote my buddy Phil on this one. The Four Critical Elements of Facebook are:
1. Be nice.
2. Great content
3. Be consistent.
4. Be nice.

7. According to Social Media guru Mari Smith some of the best Facebook practices would be to:
a. Post before noon.
b. Post only 1-2 times a day.
c. Increase that posting frequency only as reader engagement increases.

8. Don’t be spammy! There’s a fine line between being conversational with your friends and Likers, and being to “salesy”. Don’t constantly blather about your deals and sales. Offer up free tips. Ask for opinions on research you’re doing. And always be authentic and personal.

Facebook is a place of community and a way to interact with people and places beyond the boundaries of your hometown. But like with anything, “proper care and feeding” of your Facebook efforts will benefit you in ways beyond your expectations.

Want to know more?? Lakes Area Mom Squad is teaming up with other Smart Friends to bring you She-Cono-Me Social Media Academy! Watch for details and let us know what kinds of Facebook or Social Media questions and concerns YOU have!

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