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Low on Dough? I Can Relate. Along With About 90% Of The World

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Ever looked in your pocketbook, and thought…”CRAP! I’ve been robbed!!”

p.s Did you know, that to my Aussie friends, “purse” and “pocketbook” are two TOTALLY different things. In fact a purse IS a pocketbook in Australia. When I think pocketbook, I think small. There’s nothing small about the Volkswagen on a strap luggage I carry. I digress.

Or wonder what mysterious “sucking device” snuck in and vacuumed out all your cash?


“Too much month at the end of the money” is a pretty dandy re-occurring theme in my world. But, I deal.

I was doing a little Blog Surfin the other day and came across a Very Nice Blog. In this Very Nice Blog was a post written about  Lack-O-Money, with a side order of whine, sung to the tune of “Oh Where-O-Where-Have-my-Dollas-Gone?”

It was a delightful post. For a second I wished they had had a Chip IN feature in the story. I mighta coughed up a buck-n-a-half on their behalf.

But my response was this instead. “oooohhhhh, I am right there with ya sista! We all struggle with tight budgets and “need more jing” syndrome.  All I can tell you is, get creative. Clean houses, dog sit, make a list of possible income streams (legal ones).

I took a hard look at the contents in my house after reading an article that “the average household has $1500 worth of sellable merchandise in it”. TRUE. In fact, I’m sure my house has more than that. Have a garage sale. Sell on eBay. By consigning clothes, baby gear, and antiques, you can make extra money. It’s possible. You’re on the right track. Don’t give up. Frugality is like a muscle. A muscle that needs to flexed and challenged daily. If there’s a will, there a way.

Granted, this is not the magic bullet and won’t work in every situation..but I am thinking it could apply to most.

YOUR TURN. Share some suggestions on what you do for extra cash? Maybe together we can get some unique ideas cookin!

p.s The book below is the on getting creative with household budgets. Amy Dacyczn is about as clever as they come with cutting corners, recycling, and repurposing. I swear this book is in  about it’s 20th Edition because it was HOT back in the 90’s when I was reading it. Good stuff.


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