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Time Management: The Five D method

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I swear there are never enough hours in my day.

There’s also too-much-month-at-the-end-of-my-money..but we will save THAT post for another time.

I am always looking for ways to get a handle of Father Time and encourage him to chill and quit screwing me out of precious hours and minutes.

OK, that was harsh. It is certainly not The Big F.T’s fault I am constantly burning the candle at both ends. Time Management is one of those things that looks real purdy on paper, but always seems to be jjuuussstttt outta reach for me. Then I read this Time Management Tactic from Executive Coach Joelle K. Jay.

The Five D Method

Whenever your time is being eaten up by a stack of e-mails, voice mail messages or work, The 5 D Method works especially well. You will drastically cut the time you need to get through the stack and can then get on to other high-impact activities that make the best use of your time.

The Five D Method means you do one of the following with every item you have to deal with:

Do It.

Stop pushing around a task and do it now. Use this for any task that takes 15 minutes or less.

Delete It.

There are some things that do not require your response. If an item doesn’t advance a relationship or achieve an important goal, get rid of it.

Delegate It.

Pass a task on to someone else who can handle the job. The person doesn’t have to do it better than you or even as fast. Unless it’s a top priority or specific result that only you can deliver, you’re not the right person to do it. Pass it on.

Decide On It.

No more moving items from one stack to another, telling yourself, “I’ll get back to that.” Will you attend the meeting or won’t you? Make a decision. Move on.

Date It.

Choose when you will give big-ticket items your undivided attention. Figure out how much time you need and block it out in your schedule.

The 5 Ds will save you time. Before you fill up that time with more meaningless tasks, give some thought to the most powerful way you can use the time you save.

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