Smashed Your Taters Lately? The Boobage Post

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What’s a Smashed Tater?

OK, this post is about a very important yearly appointment. A critical one. Once involving life-saving testing.

Yes, it’s also the one that pancakes your tits, crushes your hooters, does awkward things to your Lady Lumps.


There I said it. I’d love to say the word B@@B, Bre@$t, N!ps, but I also know Internet keywords. The last time I used the word
“rubber”, as in the post Are You Feeling Like Rubber Band Woman? , it attracted a herd of pervs, freaks, RustyZipperPeople interesting commentors. Yikes. that I’ve clarified that, here’s my question: have you had one lately? (not you,dudes). What? Why not? Seriously.

It literally takes 20 minutes of your day. It can save your life. Get.It.Done.

We have no excuse. We have three amazing Medical Facilities right in our backyard:

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center: (watch the Pink Scrubs Dance Video while you’re there. Love.IT. I get major warm-fuzzies when I think of CRMC)

Lakewood Health System: If you’ve never visited LHS, GO. One of the coolest, most innovative medical campuses around.

Essentia Health (formerly St Joes/BMC). Right in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes Community. Doesn’t get much closer than that.

My Appointment is Friday. YES, I will leave feeling like I can slip my hoots through a mail slot, but I’ll deal. If it keeps my corny arse on this earth longer, it’s discomfort worth putting up with for awhile.

When are YOU making an appointment?


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