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Real Mom’s Food Journey: SwimSuit Hell

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This week I went swimsuit shopping.

I HAD to. I’ve become such a Water Rat (I ((luv)) water aerobics) that my 1940’s thrifty-store-piece-of…fabric lovely, stylish swimwear was falling apart.

Not that’s it the suit’s fault. I just have a tendency to..umm….PEE A LOT when I swim (tmi?). Which, as anyone knows, it’s a complete bee-atch to try to hike a sopping wet, one-piece suit back on to a soppy-wet body. There’s a lot of THIS going on:

ANYWHOOO, there’s been collateral damage done to my suit so it was time to go shopping.

Did I mention I haven’t suit shopped in like, oh, I don’t know…


I was shocked:
A. How expensive they were
B. How expensive they were.

Finally I ended up a the Big Bloated Icky Chain Store (Lord, forgive me for my sins) and selected moderately fugly little number for fifteen bucks.

Sounds simple? Case closed? Um..NO. I think my self esteem took a major schellackin at the hands of the Fun House Mirrors at the Icky Place. Are those for real? If so, I am more doomed than I thought.

SO my friends, I offer up this delightful motivation exercise for ya. Need a little “umphf” to want to continue diet and exercise? Go try on swim suits. Gar-Un-Tee it will renew your efforts with a side order of “holy crap! I gotta get crackin on losing these extra pounds!”

In the end, I settled on this 1920’s wool number:


The sad thing is, if I saw this style in the store, I totally buy it. I’d wear sweat pants and a tee in the pool if I could.

SO, with that in mind, don’t forget folks, Amy’s Hard Core Water Aerobics is every Friday, 5:15-6:15, at the Brainerd Hotel & Conference Center. $12 and completely worth it.

Side note: Amy might be an 6-Foot-Amazon-Woman, but I can still get away from her pretty good in the pool. And if I am driving her nuts, she can just swipe my floatie and head for the deep end. I am surely not gonna follow her into anything past “boob-deep”.

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