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Real Mom’s Food Journey: Buying Local Food

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I love good food.

I mean “good food” as in stuff that’s healthy for you. I highly encourage my grocery-shopping-spousal-unit to splurge and BUY good food. Spend the extra money and buy.something.decent.

Please don’t buy the cheap sh*t just because it’s “cheap”.

For example, we just made a voyage last weekend down to Little Falls for a load of fresh breakfast sausage, and real beef hot dogs. YUM-my!

The other day we dined on organic, locally grown chickens from Nelson Shine Produce. Fantastic.

It kinda scares me to think what…stuff….is in the grocery store bird. The packaging supermarket bird come in even makes me want to grab a rubber glove before picking one up. Are they supposed to be having a inner-bag-soak-in-chemical soup? Just sayin.

I wonder sometimes if, thanks to this economy, if there won’t be a rise in obesity.

A drastic rise.

Because, in case you haven’t noticed, the cheapest foods are also the most horiffic for you (el Cheapo hotdogs, box mac-n-cheese, a good chunk of anything you buy at a Fast Food resturant).

Trust me on this one, spend your money on

Let me rewind a minute and talk about Organic Chickies. Organic Chickies from Nelson Shine Produce.

I’ve known Ron and Barb awhile. SUPER nice people. You’ve probably seen much of their home-grown yummies at Crow Wing Food Co-Op. They raise and process their own poultry, and have been doing so beautifully since 2004.

As I was cooking my chicken for supper, I noticed how…different their chicken looked from the “grocery store bird”. GOOD different. Better color. More meat! (it was a “fatty!”) and I was relieved to not have to don a chemical warfare suit to deal with “bird/package sludge” cuz…there wasn’t any!

Can you say “peace of mind?”

Chicken dinner is also one of my favorite things to cook in a crock pot or slow cooker. Makes for a good meal, plus great lunches for the next couple of days too. And maybe at least one batch of soup as well.

I know Amy from Sunlife Wellness told me she buys her chicken in bulk from Nelson Shine. Great idea! So I asked Ron and Barb if I could offer a “Mom Squad Central Deal.” Their response, “SURE! How about buy 10 birds, get one FREE?”

Works for me 🙂 Did I mention they also delivery?

If you’d like this Chickie Deal, shoot Ron an email at Or visit their website at

happy eatin!

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