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Nine Reasons Your Kids Need Splash School

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I love to swim.

And, as I am sure you all have read a bazillion times, being in a pool swimming/exercising, is definitely one of the highlights of the week for me.

I will spare you the visual of me in a swim suit, but I am happy to report…I don’t give a crap about how I look in my swim suit. It is, what it is. DEAL.

The same goes for our kids. We’ve all turned into water rats (except Daddy. We’re still working on him).

Last year, after many years of worrying, fussing, and being concerned about our non-swimming kids, we signed them up for Semi-Private Swim Lessons with Curt at Splash School.

Honestly, it has been one of the best things we have done for our kids.

Not only does it ease my mind that both my 8 year-old and 5 year-old, have basic swimming skills, it’s been an excellent confidence builder for them.

That’s something I didn’t expect. But boy, does THAT make me a happy mommy.

Here’s some other points to consider about SS:

Top Nine reasons to use Splash School:

9. Splash School uses local hotel pools for convenience. (we use AmericInn. Right by our house. ssweeeettt)

8. Splash School pools are warmer. (that’s true!)

7. Our kid’s lips don’t turn blue. (nope. No pool smurfs yet in my house)

6. All our instructors are Life Guards. (we love KELLY)

5. All our instructors are either WSI certified or worked with the founder before teaching.

4. Special needs kids are encouraged to sign up. (I’ve seen Curt in action with special needs kids-phenomenal)

3. Splash school ONLY teaches ONE or TWO kids at a time. Not 4 to 8. (mama likes)

2. Splash School offers discounts to BNI, Fit Quest, Any time Fitness, Mom Squaders, and Snap Fitness members. (look for Curt’s awesome coupon in Edition 7 of our Mom Squad Packs!)

1. You won’t have to throw your kids off the dock like your Dad did to you yelling, “SWIM kid!”

Curt told me his next session is starting very soon. Here’s the link to his locations and times.

I have no problem saying, I am a Splash School FAN. Have questions? Shoot Curt an email at

“Don’t forget to makes a Splash; It has rippling effects!”

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