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Does This Email Make My InBox Look Fat?

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I currently have 5,707 email in my InBox.

Yes, I am serious. If there was a show for Email Hoarding, I’d be on it.

Most are e-newletters or blogs I subscribe too. I like to skim all of them because I always gain awesome info and inspiration from from their posts. Valuable stuff I share with my victims readers.

But they are like freakin rabbits. I read ten, and 20 take their place. Oi!

It bugs me. Distresses me and turns me into an anxious, 5-foot-9-spazy-Chi-Wow-Wow. So I asked a couple of my organizing Smart Friends for help. Lisa Roderick from Simple Organising Solutions (I love that Aussies spell “organize with an “s”) is one of my “Aussie friends” who has an organizing biz in Australia. Here’s  her pearls of wisdom:

Dealing with email to prevent overload

*Spend 15 minutes each day on email administration – over breakfast

*Open Inbox

*Identify junk emails & delete

*Open every remaining email and read. Decide whether it should be:

             a. Filed for future reference

             b. Actioned:

i. If it’s an email that I may do something about some day, put it in a Someday / Maybe file

ii. If it will take less than five minutes, do it now, then file it

iii. If it needs someone else’s input, delegate it, and mark it for follow up after a reasonable period, then file it

iv. If it is a meeting or requires an action on a specific day, put a reminder in the Calendar, then file it

c. If any of the actioned emails change the next action for a project, or it is a new project, make an entry in the Projects spreadsheet
Rock on. I’m ON IT!
Check out Lisa’s blog for more cool organizing organising tips!

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