Adventures in Mammogramming a.k.a Mashed Taters: Part Deux

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I know you are all sitting there, waiting with baited breath, to hear how my Mammogram appointment went…


But, I am going to ignore your collective eye-rolling and share anyway.

Last week I went to my Mammogram appointment at Essentia Health…and….(drum roll)…..

It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t horrible. It didn’t hurt.

I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say.

I picked an early morning appointment. Seven a.m to be exact. From the moment I went into the changing room, to the moment I got re-dress was no more that 15 minutes. Seriously. I even had time to write this post before heading to work.


Nancy was my lab tech. She was super nice. She guided me to a room and handed me a gown. After I put it on (dare I say) I couldn’t help thinking it was kinda cute! If it was in a color other than white, I seriously would wear it in every day life.

I am cutting-edge like that.

Then it was on to The Room. Oddly enough, it didn’t look like a torture room. Nancy explain that this Breast Health area and diagnostic imaging machine was new as of last June. Four quick pictures at four different angles (two per side), and I was DONE.

Did it “Clamp”? Sure, but it wasn’t unbearable. With each image, once the “clamp” came down, I could count to 10 and it was over. Very fast. Plus the new shield on the imaging equipment has “give” to it (it flexes).

Nancy mentioned that, with this new state-of-the-art equipment, they were having a higher rate of call backs just because the imagery picked up so much more now. “But don’t panic”, she added. “it’s not a bad thing.”

Good to know.

If you are concerned with cost, check this out. It’s the Sage Screen Program and it’s for women in Minnesota.

Women who can qualify for a free mammogram are:
Age 40 or older

Have no insurance or are underinsured**

Income within our guidelines. (see table HERE)

I don’t mean to be naggy..well actually..yes I do, but I am hoping these last two lady-bit-related posts will prompt you, my beloved-female-readers, to quite procrastinating and Get.This.Done.

I don’t I need to remind you why..but in case you’ve forgotten, GO HERE.

Happy trails, my friends 🙂

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  1. ah, memories of my first Mashing… age 24 at the time, and the tech says “wow, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone YOUR age before”..naturally this does not help me, because I’ve already decided I must have breast cancer if my doctor wanted me to have this done. Long story short, everything was fine, I am just naturally “lumpy” yes that is the technical term! Reading your story actually made me feel the ‘pressure’ all over again though…isn’t that weird? And, it reminds me of waffles…..hmmmmmm…..

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