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Wow Mommy..Your Butt is BIG

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“Wow Mommy!!!!”, exclaimed my daughter, as she busted me buck naked about to climb into the shower.” Your butt is so BIG!”

“Uh-huh”. I mumbled sliding the shower door shut QUICKLY.

A smushed-nose little face appeared plastered to the opposite side of the shower glass

“It’s HUGE!!!!”

“Yup. Oh listen! I think Sid The Science Kid is on TV!”

Let me state here, it’s as easy to divert a curious 5 year old at this point as it would be to cloak yourself  in a water droplet.

MOMMY!! How did your butt GROW SO BIG??


United Way Fitness United…here I come. Watch for the kickoff of this week. Mom Squad team The Motherload will be kickin patootie and takin names!

And it’s not too late for YOU to form a team! Leap on over (that WILL burn calories) to the website and click on “events”. This will bring up the Pdf that is the sign-up sheet. Wednesday night at the YMCA is the kickoff/weight in from 4-6 p.m. Cost is $25 per person on teams of 1-6 people. People all with a common goal of support, weight loss, and better health. Oh yeah, you DO NOT weigh in individually. You weigh in in pairs or as a team. A HUGE relief on my part!

PLUS you get access to some pretty amazing perks over the course of the 8 weeks. Free week passes at FitQuest and Snap, swimming pool access, free classes for adults and kids including Kids Yoga with our lovely Miss Amy Kenow. All for $25 (kids are free and one can accompany a team member adult). Mom Squad has a fabulous team, and I am looking forward to another adventure in our weight loss journey!

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