The Real Moms Food Journey

The Real Moms Food Journey: Dear Santa,I’d Like a BodyBugg

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Happy frigid New Year everyone!! I don’t know about you, but I was determined to not break my five-year-running streak of being in bed before 9:30 on New Years Eve.

Mission accomplished. I’m so “cutting edge” sometimes, I can’s stand it.

So here we are , bring, shiny, fresh New Year. What are YOU gonna so about it? For me, I have many, many goals to tackle and mountains to climb, but at the TOP still remains my #1 Nemesis…WEIGHT LOSS. My body seems to have thrown on the brakes and went “screw you, I like being fluffy”. I think The Experts call it a “plateau”….I call it a pain in my a$$.

So many options to consider! Do I do Weight Watchers? Join a gym? Count Calories? Measure portions size? Go on Atkins? Do United Way’s Biggest Loser (“Fitness United”) Contest, Supplements? Shakes? Hot Trainer named Sven?

Answer: maybe, maybe (my money tree died), no fricken way…well OK, I suppose, no fricken way, YES!, maybe, NO!, and I know of none…but if , you do let me know..I’ll consider it. 😉

I had the delight of having lunch with the lovely Kari Barnes yesterday. Anyone who knows Kari, knows she has been on her own weight loss journey and has lost over 50 pounds. I was anxious to pick her brain and find out her process. I value the opinion of anyone who’s “been there”, and I knew Kari would love to help.

We talked about TONS and the hour went wwwaayyy to fast. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on carbs (YES, we need carbs to survive, people!), what time of day was most productive for exercise for her, measuring portion size (*cringe*) and what was the “trigger point’ to make her want to make changes in her life. I walked away with lots of encouragement, thoughts, ideas, tips…and one really COOL thing I want.

The BodyBugg.

Dear Santa, can I get an advance on my next year’s Christmas Present? I’d really like a BodyBugg NOW. Sorry to be so demanding. But this thing ROCKS.

So, what the heck? The BodyBugg is a kick butt way to not only keep track of calories consumed….but calories burned.

One the most recognized brands in Health and Fitness Tracking, the bodybugg calorie management system is a proven solution in weight loss management. The bodybugg system works by keeping an accurate daily record of calories consumed vs. burned making it easier to stay informed, make decisions and more effectively manage your weight.

Mama LIKE. Bottom line; counting calories is great, but I want to know if I’m burning what I need to to lose weight. Make sense? That’s where the BodyBugg works it’s magic.

The Speed Readers version of what this little dandy does is that you wear it as an arm band and it uses special sensors to track your activity throughout the day whether it’s walking, moving, or exercise. It matches up calories burned with calories consumed to help you tweak things. It’s web based so at the end of the day, you download your info from the Bugg and match it up with food consumed on their on-line tracker. Cool beans.

I could rant and rave on forever about this, but there’s a treadmill calling my name. And a job. And some kids. *sigh* I need to clone me. BUT, if anyone has any experience with The BodyBugg, I’d sure like to hear from you. Comment here or shoot me an email at I’d also like to hear about your weight loss journey, tips, or processes. I am always looking for relevant info to share with our readers.
So I leave you with this thought. Work hard, keep the faith, and continue to be fabulous. Real Moms Food Journey is for everyone and I’d love to hear from you.
I need to share this very sound advice from Kari too; remove the word “diet” from your vocab. Diet suggest temporary changes for a short-termed result. Diet=NO!, “Lifestyle Change”=YES!
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2 thoughts on “The Real Moms Food Journey: Dear Santa,I’d Like a BodyBugg

  1. Becky you are SO right!!
    I have lost 75 pounds using the bodybugg!!! I have done MOST “diets” and have lost AND gained my weight back several times!! But you said the problem…DIET!! Diet refers to a temporary change… not a lifestyle change!!

    I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers AND former leader!! I thought WW was the best program for loss and maintenance and thought it was “real life”! Well, little did I know then, I was NOT eating enought on that program!!

    The Bodybugg has taught me SO much!! This is by far, the BEST investment anyone can make! I received mine as a gift over a year ago. After losing a whopping 13 pounds in 3 months on WW, my hubby got it for me for Christmas. My real journey began! I’m able to see how many calories I’m burning, and how much I need to eat to lose and now maintain my weight loss!!

    I reached my goal weight right before Halloween and have been able to drop a few more since. WHO LOSES WEIGHT DURING THE HOLIDAYS??? Proudly, I am now between 6-8 BELOW my goal! YES below and am eating A LOT!!

    Because of the Bodybugg AND my friends on the BB Facebook page, I have been able to do things I NEVER thought I would or could!! I’m doing P90X now, and if you asked me a year ago about doing it, I would’ve laughed!! Now, I say BRING IT ON!!

    I too could go on and on!! If anyone wants to discuss further how it could help, feel free to email me!!

    I am NOT affiliated with Bodybugg, Apex or 24 hour fitness. BUT have convinced several friends to get one, and they too have lost weight!!

    Kudos to you for posting this!!

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