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Are You Feeling Like "Rubber Band Woman?"

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Ever have those days where you feel like you’re being pulled in 8 different directions? You are juggling wwaayyyy may balls, and you are one ball-drop away from disaster? Days when you have so many directions to go, you kinda end up being like a cat on ice?

Personally, when the days of feeling like that started stretching into WEEKS…or worse yet, MONTHS, I knew it was time to make a change. But what to do and wheretheheckdo I START? I lamented this quandary to the ever-wise Miss Shannon, and this was her suggestion. It was so flippin good, I decided to share it with everyone:

A suggestion – make a list of all of the activities you are in involved in both professionally and personally. Rate them favorite to least favorite. Review them and identify those that give you the least fulfillment or the opportunity to open new doors to growth. Look at the time commitment of the three that you have identified as least fulfilling or with the least potential. Usually these are the things that you started doing years ago because, at that time they were your favorites. or had the most potential. Now you are just continuing to do them because you can’t say “WHEN”! Eliminate just one of the three and DO NOT replace it with something else. After three months without that commitment, eliminate another. Make an effort to eliminate one per quarter. Use that time to do something positive like read or exercise (did you know playing outside with your kids is a workout – why not do both at one time!). When people approach you with new opportunities, simply thank them for thinking of you, and tell them that at this time you cannot commit to any new projects.  And of course, don’t be taken advantage of – often we want to be “nice” and “help” but think about what service you are providing – would others provide it for free? They are asking you because you are good at it, because you know what you’re doing, because they know you will get it done. Commit time to yourself and family not another project that will get you nowhere.

-Shannon Janco

BRAVO. This is no b.s. people. I did do this exercise and it was pretty eye-opening. Very quickly I identified some time and energy suckers and am striving to eliminate them. Even “loose ends” can weigh you down mentally and cause anxiety. There are only so many hours in the day, and time lost can’t be regained back.

 SO, my question to you is, what activities are slowing you down on your road to success????

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2 thoughts on “Are You Feeling Like "Rubber Band Woman?"

  1. What a wonderful article. Both of you know me and know that writing screams ME all over it. I am defiantely sitting down right now and making my list! Thank you both! 🙂
    Much love,

  2. …plain and simple – my internet time. bye! gotta go! (lol!)…really i’m going to take a shower and go out to lunch at joe’s crab shack for omega 3’s and maybe get my daughter some new winter duds at REI. 🙂 GREAT POST!!! i started doing this years ago. it’s easy to get sucked back into obligation…

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