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Christmas=GOOD, Fire=Not So Much

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This morning, I am a relieved Mommy. Gifts have been effectively smuggled into the house, sorted, wrapped, and I think everything is finally “even Steven” between the two kids. *Blissful Sigh*.

I’m shot. And it’s only 7:10 a.m.

And to top it off, the Sleep Gods have smiled upon me and the kids are *gasp…dare I say it?* STILL SLEEPING. Time for a little Mommy Time.

I open my emails and what do I see?

Over 2,000 email smiling at me….

OK, that was lame. BUT I did see a good email from The Home Safety Council.

This is a very cool site and I think it’s a “must read” for parents. Their website is bright, fun, and very informative. I think people hear the name and think it’s a bit of a snore-fest. It actually very good. Give it a nose-poke and tell me what you think.

There was one particular post that caught my eye. It was on Candle Safety:

Did you know that home fires caused by candles peak during the holiday season? Decorating with battery-powered candles is the best way to keep a festive glow without the risk of fires. If you choose to use candles with an open flame, only light them when there is an adult in the room who is actively supervising children.

This is so true…and the main reason I no longer have candles with flames in my house.

Let me rewind. I LOVE candles. To “get Mom a new candle” has been the stock Christmas gift for me for years. Then one day, about two months ago, I lit a candle and left it on the kitchen counter. For a second, I turned away and walked 10 feet to where my purse was. When I turned back, there was my 5 year old, on a stool, leaning over the top of the candle flame to “blow it out, Mommy.” Her waist-length hair was Right.In.The.Flame….

Luckily, I got her away from it in time but from that moment on I vowed to have no more flames in my house. Can you imagine how devastating that would have been if her hair would have caught fire? Or if I had been farther away from her? *Shudder*

At that moment, I decided to try Scensty. I had resisted up until then because I had so many “normal candles” that I “needed to use up first.” Those “normal candles” are now in a box to go to the donation center.

I am now the proud owner of a Scentsy burner from Mom Squader Cindy Bunting. I got the Plug-In outlet style and I really like it. MocaDoodle is by far my favorite scent and I love how the delicious smells waft through my whole house.

And I love the fact no one will be catching on fire in the process.

So I guess my nag post today is a bit of an “FYI” to parents, and a solution to go along with it. Give the Home Safety Council website a read, and then head over to Cindy’s for the goods.Remember she has a great coupon in the current Mom Squad packs and she is always helpful to me when I need a gift idea.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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