The Real Moms Food Journey

The Real Mom’s Food Journey: Gettin Back In The Saddle

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WHEW! I love Christmas…but I am also a little relieved it’s OVER.

So how did I do? Did I succumb to multiple holiday party temptations? Plates of cookies-and-or-fudge? Did I fall off the proverbial Diet Horse?

Fricken A right I did 🙁

BUT, I take comfort in the fact it was ONE Holiday Party, ONE meal of pure eating frenzy, and ONE slice of decedent Chocolate French Silk Pie. It was fabulous. It was an event. I didn’t just sit down and fill my face…I ate slowly, relished, and enjoyed the hell outta every bite.

NOW, back to reality.

Honestly, I haven’t weighed myself at Snap in weeks. I have no idea what my “poundage loss” is. BUT I can tell you this:
* My Muffin Top is beginning to crumble a bit.
* My Ghetto Booty is shrinking.
* I have at least two pairs of pants that are too big to wear now.
* My eating habits have changed tremendously. Foods that I used to crave no longer trip my trigger. My once Favorist Thing To Eat (McDonald’s Sirloin Mushroom Swiss Wrap) is now something that is mighty disgusting. I know. I tried one for the first time in four weeks. I made it two bites. Hello Mr Garbage Can. Wow. That was nasty.

This, I am thinking, is ALL positive and good. It reassures me I am on the right path. The Real Mom’s Food Journey is turning me into a better ME.

P.S I absolutely LOVE water aerobics. I went kicking and screaming (I think there may be claw marks on the doors at Brainerd Hotel & Conference Center’s pool area)…but once I experienced Water Aerobics under Amy’s guidance. I am HOOKED.

Like a big ol 45 year-old-fish in a teal bathing suit..I am HOOKED.

So my adventure continues. The main thing I have learned? It’s that weight loss is a process. You have to “work it like a project” cuz well, it IS. It’s not a fad, a hobby, or “just something I am doing for sh!ts and giggles. This is REAL. This is a lifestyle change for me.

So my final words to you, o’valued readers, is to not let any infractions of Christmas slow you down. Get back on the horse, get rid of any remnants of Christmas treats in your house, and head for the treadmill.

That’s where you’ll find me! Stick to The Journey, my friends. The rewards are sooo worth it.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Mom’s Food Journey: Gettin Back In The Saddle

  1. fabulous for you! that’s what it is about, figuring out you want something, have a bite or two then be satisfied with putting it aside. when i was losing all my weight before (yes, started less heavy than now and ended up a size 6), i remember going to get ribs and ordering a sundae but eating 2-3 spoonfuls and being done.

    hey, check out for great tips! it’s a different website name now but that’ll get you there. i’ve been getting her monthly newsletters for like 10 years. 🙂

    it’s fun to be active! i’m off to activate my YWCA membership today/tomorrow! 🙂

    pee ess…i did 36 sit ups last night. whoa! have i gained a lot! the dog was chasing its tail next to me and my daughter was laughing. i sure felt good that i at least did something! 🙂

    keep up the journey!

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