The Real Moms Food Journey

THE REAL MOMS FOOD JOURNEY: Diary of a Chubby Mommy

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December 2, 2010. Title: The Day I Beat The Crap Outta My Home Treadmill:

I love my treadmill. Actually I say “my” loosely. It actually belongs to a dear friend. It’s on loan until I become a millionaire and can buy my own. I’ll get one, plus an A$$ Master.

Anyhoo. Until I met Amy from Sunlife Wellness, my treadmill had always been a place to casually stroll and catch up on reading. Boredom usually set in before sweat did. I never used it for a clothes rack like some people, but it did make (on occasion) a dandy fort for the kids.

Then I worked out with Amy on a treadmill. Dear Lord help me. I sweated, bee-atched, moaned, complained, but actually burned some calories. Apparently you can raise the incline on those and up the speed. Who knew?

After the day of getting my tail whupped on the Cybex (in a good way-that Cybex Elliptical Trainer ROCKS) I knew the “casual stroll” wasn’t gonna cut it if I was to see numbers go DOWN on the scale. Under Miss Amy’s advisement and gentle coaching, I revisited my Kid Fort Treadmill for a serious, “get real” workout again. Here’s my notes:

Raised incline on treadmill gradually during warm up phase. Walked at a good clip for about 5 minutes.
Slowly raised speed, lower incline a bit and JOGGED. Jogged until I thought I was.gonna.DIE (about three minutes).
Slowed speed to cool down, raised incline gradually.
Raised speed again (28?) and jogged again for about 2minutes.

Slowed down again for cool down. Raised incline and walked.

Total of 22 minutes.
I’m hot, stinky, sweaty…but I feel pretty darn good.

Will repeat tomorrow..and the nest day..and the next…. 🙂

December 4, 2011: The Day My Family Invaded My House for an Early Christmas with Large Quantities of Unhealthy Food.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and I love how they cook. In my family, I missed the “Good Cook & Excellent Baker” gene. That gene went to my sister and dang, can she make some good eats. So that day the healthiest thing on the table was the turkey I slaved over my hubby cooked. The Almond Pretzels beckoned me. The Homemade Fudge called my name. And the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls did their best to leap down my throat. One made it in. But honestly, it wasn’t worth the extra sweat time I will need to do on the treadmill or A$$ Master now.
I held my ground and I think I did pretty good. One celebration down, a few more to go.

December 5, 2010 : The Day I watched Some Freakin AWESOME movies.
One of the many cool “extras” Amy recommended was to watch some DVDs. She gave me three, I’ve watched two, and HOLY CRAP do these movies put things in perspective. HolycrapHolycrapHolyCRAP.

The first one I watched was Food Inc. Amy told me “you will never look at supermarket meat the same again.”

She was right.

What’s the word I am searching for for how our meat is raised, processed, and gets to our local grocery store?? Hmmm ..let’s let see.. yes…yes…the word is…APPALLING. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about some of the revealing stuff about our food industry on that DVD.

Yet another argument for buying your meat “direct” or at Crow Wing Food Co-op. Get to know a local farmer, people. Seriously. I highly recommend Barb Nelson and family at Nelson Shine Produce. I can recommend her because she’s a friend, a Mom Squader, and I know they raise their poultry and beef RIGHT. Plus, you can get her home-grown meat right AT the Crow Wing Food Co-op. Cool beans, ‘eh?

More on her later…..

SO….if you can, watch Food Inc. Super eye-opening. Changed my mind about how I shop BIG TIME.

Then there’s DVD #2: Super Size Me. This movie is about a very healthy young man named Morgan Spurlock who, as an experiment, switched from a very active and healthy lifestyle to one where he ate nothing but McDonald’s. Three squares a day for 30 days…nothing but Mickey D’s food. Part of the agreement was:
1. He could only eat or consume something if McDonald’s offered it…including water. Need an vitamin? Too bad. If McDonald’s didn’t sell it, he couldnt’ have it.
2. He had to always say “yes” if he was asked “Do You want to Super Size that?”
3. He had to abandon all exercise other than normal everyday walking.
Long story short, he went from a healthy person with normal stats, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides to one who gained 20 pounds and was VERY sick. Borderline heart disease sick. All in 30 days.

Super Size Me is one of those amazing films with the power to change the way you see things around you. It may not completely stop you from your planned trip to the local fast food outlet, but it’ll definitely make you stop and think about what you eat and what it can do to your body. Recently I’ve developed a fetish for their Angus beef and mushrooms wraps…no frickin way I’m ever eatin one of those again. PASS. Two thumbs up for Super Size Me. If I had an extra thumb, I’d  “up” that one too. Fabulous movie.

December 7, 2010: Buns of Steel
Well, not yet..but it sounds nice. I didn’t exercise much this morning (10 minutes fast walk) but I made up for it over lunch time. What did I do? I carried furniture up to two flights of stairs to our new …(drum roll please)…OFFICE SPACE!!! Woot! Yup, Lakes Area Mom Squad is all grown up and has an official “Headquarters”. We are on the second floor of what we call The iSpace Building (what some people call the Drake Building between the Post Office and the Library) and it is sswwweeeeettttttt!

I am sharing this space with two Rock Stars (Shannon Janco and Amy Kenow) and there is room for more. Our official addy is 524 5th Street, Suite E, and our tagline is “Your Home Office Away From Home.” Like the co-operative advertising/marketing we do with Mom Squad, this co-operative office space. Perfect for those who need a quiet/private/professional part-time place to conduct business without the big price tag of full blown rent.

I promise this week I will have more in depth details, keep checking back. This is a fabulous opportunity and we are excited to be blazing the trail with this concept. In the meantime, keep in mind your Edition 6 Mom Squad coups will be expiring soon (so use ’em! quick!) and the deadline for Edition 7 is January 17th. If you like to be apart of our next Coupon Pack, click the “Coupon Pack Guidelines” tab above and get the 411.

I leave you with this thought. Every bite of food you put in your mouth is a choice. With every bad choice comes consequences. Make your food decisions wisely. Tell fat to “fork off!”


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  1. Woo hoo for Nelson-Shine. We purchased our beef from them this year and were extremely pleased with the quality of the meat and with just how nice they were to deal with. I’m a big advocate for eating locally and this was just one of those great experiences you hope to have. Looking forward to seeing more.

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