The Real Moms Food Journey

The Real Mom’s Food Journey: A’Calorie Countin I Will Go

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Counting calories is the bane of my existence.

I loathe calorie counting.

In fact, I used to say I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than count calories.

BUT, when the scale isn’t moving, and you know you are exercising hard and often…something is amiss.

“If the scale’s not’s NUTRITION.” That would be Miss Amy’s pearl of wisdom (I hate it when she’s RIGHT). *sigh*

 So desperate times call for desperate measures, and a’countin calories I go.

Now just to be fair, I did not run around with a calculator and a chart. I merely started looking at the caloric content of what I was shoving into my pie hole ,and goodness gracious ME…..that was eye opening. I quickly discovered it wasn’t so much what I ate, and what I put On or IN what I ate.

Homemade beef broth and wild rice soup is awesome and healthy…but Not.So.Much if you throw in a half-of-sleeve of Saltines.


Let’s talk Sunflower Seeds. One would think they are healthy (and they are) but DANG they are full of calories. OK, I will throttle back on the seed consumption.

Condiments, ohhhhhsweet condiments. Ever check out the sugar content in Ketchup? Good Lord! Back awwwaaayyyy from the red stuff, mama.

Everything you put IN your mouth is a choice. Every bad choice has a consequence.

And that’s I got to say ’bout that.

EXERCISE: I can’t tell you how many years it been since I did Water Aerobics. MANY. It’s been “many” mainly because getting into the water forces me to break a Cardinal Rule of Chubby Mamas; never be seen in a bathing suit. I’d love to invest in one of 1900’s ones that looked more like long underwear. Unstylish, but at least they would have covered My Stuff. The striped ones were HOT……..

……The only downside is that the horizontal stripes would probably make me look like some sort of pool toy and I’d be fending off blows from Aqua Noodles from small humans the whole time I was in the water.

I digress.

My foray into the world of Water Aerobics with Amy was awesome. Dare I say it? Freakin awesome. Very low impact and one heckuva workout. Who knew you could become winded and sweaty in a pool? I think it also helps that I had someone coaching me (Amy) as to the right way to work out in a pool. If it was up to me, my idea of pool exercise would have been hanging onto the edge doing a Preschooler leg kick, or doing my patented Large Lady Slow Float across the pool. I worked out. I sweated. I felt awesome, and dang! I slept like a log that night.

Two thumbs up for Water Aerobics.

We used Brainerd Lakes Conference Center (old Red Roof Inn) pool, but I also know there are other nice pools in town. PLUS, if you buy a FitQuest Athletic Club membership, you get use of the pool at Holiday Inn, Country Inn, and AmericInn for FREE. Check the current Edition 6 Coupon Pack for a great coupon from Joan at FitQuest!

So onward I plow, still committed to losing weight. This time of year is exceptionally hard to lose the poundage thanks to endless parties, gatherings, and holidays. I really, really, really need to remember that as I go Over The River And Through The Woods, To Grandmother’s Sister-In-Law’s House, this year will be different. This year I will not use the the Holidays as a license to EAT.

Everything you put IN your mouth is a choice. Every bad choice has a consequence.

Keep up the fight, and Tell Fat To Fork Off!


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