The Real Moms Food Journey

The Real Moms Food Journey: 5 Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated

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Before we start I just want to report one thing…..

I Love, LOVE, luv, that my pants are getting baggy.


In fact, I foresee a Ceremonial Burning Of The Fat Pants  (one size anyway) in my future.

Dang that feels good.

But one thing I have noticed is that with the colder temps, my motivation has kinda hit the skids. My bed feels mighty toasty on the mornings I need to get up to exercise. BUT, if I am to reach my goal I need to stay on task. Here’s some tips and thoughts on ways/things that seem to help me:

1. Revisit the goals: We’re all so busy these days that time seems to fly. I highly recommend pulling out those goals and reflect on our past accomplishments and current goals.

2. Mix it up: Exercise is a necessity but it doesn’t have to be boring. Mix it up! Try water aerobics one week and Pilate’s the next. I’ve tried a bit of kick boxing. Love it. I think I just like kicking the crap outta things (no, you don’t need to be afraid of me…most of the time). I’d like to try ice skating again someday and what would REALLY float my boat would be to try belly dancing. Seriously. That would be fabby.

3. Change of scenery: Goes along with the “Mix It Up” thought above. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of counting the same spider webs in my basement by my treadmill. And spiders are crappy conversationalists. I’ve worked out at Snap Fitness (nice) plan to head over FitQuest (yes Joan, I swear I am coming over soon), and have a standing invitation from future Mom Squader Jody Davis to do some Pilate’s at her just For Kix Studio. The thought of trying new things and going new places keeps me motivated, big time.

4. Enlist the kids: This is funny, but it works! I used to lament I didn’t have time to watch exercise videos. Now I just pop ’em in and let ’em rip! The kids have a ball mimicking Mom too. Do I get hardcore cardio workout?..NO….but it is fun and it’s quality time with the ruggers. I promise calories are still burned.

5. Go play in the snow: Did you know building a Snowman burns 285 calories burned per hour? Having a Snowball Fight burns 319 calories per hour and making Snow Angels burns 214 calories burned per hour??? Betcha didn’t know that eh? I have to add the building of the snowman is a killer thigh burn. All the squatting and scooping of snow makes for stiff muscles the next day. 

And then there’s the not-so-fun stuff that still burns calories. Shoveling snow by hand can burn over 350 calories in an hour (which is how long it usually takes to clear your driveway and walkway). So opt for a shovel instead of a snow blower. (Be careful if you have a bum back though).

As you are all experiencing, this week before Christmas is hellish/crazy/busy, so I encourage everyone to try extra hard to keep up the weight loss journey. Don’t fall off the wagon and go face first into a box of Godiva Chocolates or Aunt Mable’s Carmel Pecan Pie. Take a taste if you must…and walk away. It’s not worth it to go backwards after coming this far on your journey.

“I marvel at my own sense of calm now. Events that used to leave me reeling, with my head in a bag of chips, no longer even faze me.”-Oprah

OH YEAH! Here’s a special message from the Crazy Chicks of Mom Squad. I don’t know how many calories our “dance” burned….but I am sure it’s a lot. 😉 ENJOY!

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