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Preparing for 2011: Make a Date With Yourself

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I like the idea of brand Spankin, Shiny, Fresh, new years.

The chance to wipe the slate clean (kinda), take a deep breath, and opportunity to give all the yucky things of the preceding year The Big Middle Finger.

Sound negative?

Maybe a little. But to me it’s the mindfulness to learn, grow, and not be bogged down by any Not-So-Great-Events of 2010. Oh heavens YES, there were many fabulous victories and accomplishments of 2010. MANY. But let’s face it, we’re women. We sometimes let things like The Day Toilet Paper Got Stuck On My Shoe And I Wore It That Way for 6 Hours define us.

I acknowledge the time I drove to my Networking Group half asleep at 7:00 a.m, only to (as I pulled into the parking lot) hear a tiny voice from the back seat say “Mommy…why are we HERE?”


Move on from it old Mommy. Learn..and MOVE ON. Take that memory and flush it down the 2010 crapper.

So what do you do about the New Year? Honestly, it should be more of a ceremony than just picking out a new Puppy-O-The-Month Calendar. In these days leading up to 2011, I encourage your to PREPARE for the New Year. Think about it. Really think about what you want to achieve in 2011.

” The Mind Moves Towards What It Most Desires.”

I found this on The Integrative Nutrition Blog. Not what I expected to find on a healthy and wellness blog, but pretty friggin awesome nonetheless:

Make a date with yourself. Sometimes it feels like everyone wants a piece of you! That’s why it is so important to carve out some you-time. Go to a comfy café, curl up on your couch, or drive to a beautiful place. The point is to get away from the distractions, and declare that this is “me time.”

Reflect and write. Whether you keep a journal or use an old notebook, find your pen and begin to put your thoughts on paper. Start by reflecting on the past year. Think it through, month by month, noting all of the major events and their impact. Once you’ve reflected on your past year, take a few moments to focus on how you feel now. Write down your hopes, regrets, joys, and any emotions you feel. And then, the best part: begin to dream about your future. What wonderful things lie ahead of you? What do you want to accomplish? Write down your plans and your goals for 2011. No need to make promises to yourself. Just be honest about what you want. By setting your intention, you are much more likely to make your dreams a reality.

Not bad, ‘eh? What? You say you don’t believe in all that “writing down goals hocus pocus..?”

That’s fantastic. Are you where you want to be now in your life? Do you have the life you desire? Hmmmm? Nothing to improve?

Unless you are Oprah, I am thinking everyone’s lives has room for improvement. Pick a few things you’d like to achieve in 2011. Write.It.Down.

Don’t argue with me on this one. You won’t win.

“A ship can’t leave the harbor without knowing it’s destination.”

There’s no better time than the present. I have made time TODAY to do some brainstormin and goal makin with someone who’s opinion I value very much. I’ve taken some time off work, my boys are gone fishing and my Wee One is in daycare. If you need me, I’ll be HERE. I will have to say it was hard to carve out those hours in an already packed schedule….but by next week Jan 1, 2011 my success ship will have a destination to follow. It will be my roadmap for the New Year.

How about YOU? What is at the top of your Goal List for 2011??

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for 2011: Make a Date With Yourself

  1. I just finished writing a post about looking back on 2010 and where I want to go in 2011… I don’t know if I can list just one goal – mine is more a combo of continuing to learn and grow as a photographer, but more importantly, so learn and grow and give much needed attention to myself this year, and to doing the things I love with the people I love. First year business owners often put 100% of expendable energy into their businesses, and I was no different. I’m happy I did because Laura Radniecki Images is where it is today because of 2010’s hard work [and 2009’s too.] But now that the foundation is built, 2011 is going to be a year where I get to live for ME as well as for my clients. I am going to go on excursions without my camera, and see the sights with my eyes only. I am going to go photograph just for me; not for money. To shoot for myself, and to push myself in my own photography vision. These will no doubt make me a better photographer in my business, but I’ll also be more well rounded from the inside out. I’m excited – bring it on, 2011! What about you, Becky… what are some of your 2011 goals?

  2. You go girl, Laura! It has been soo magical watching LR Images evolve into the powerhouse it is now. My goals? Run with the motors and leave the anchors behind 🙂 Happy New Year my friend!

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