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Oil For Your Lamp

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My friend Deb at Life Care Center always sends me the most wonderful tidbits and sayings via email. Always positive. Always uplifting.

Then this week, I got a really good one from her. I think I latched on to this one immediately because it reminded me of ME. The person always quick to offer help to a friend, to “fill their lamp with oil”..only to forget to fill mine.

“To keep a lamp burning

we must keep putting oil in it”… Mother Teresa

We are women who
light up the world with our beauty,
our creativity,

our intelligence.

Our eyes sparkle
as we talk and

laugh among ourselves.

Our smiles radiate

warmth and comfort

to those who love us.

Our faces beam happily

when we’re engaged in fulfilling work.

We shine,

we illuminate,

we enlighten.

We glow softly

when contented –

and burn brightly

when passionate.

But who’s the keeper
of the flame?

Who will fill our lamps?

We must do it for ourselves,

dear sisters –

We must fill our own lamps first,

not last.

We must commit to our own
well-being and self-care,

lest our flames flicker out.

So take some time,
sweet sisters,
to rest,



and regroup.

Take time

to fill your lamp.

The world needs your flame –

but first,

you need your oil.

The new “Golden Rule” for women is …
We must do unto Ourselves

as we do unto others.

simple truths.com
Lisa Hammond & BJ Gallagher
Women Taking Care of Themselves
**what do YOU do to regroup, relax, recharge, and fill your lamp with oil??? The Mom Squad would like to know…

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2 thoughts on “Oil For Your Lamp

  1. We must do unto Ourselves

    as we do unto others.

    I need to burn those words into my heart. I have coffee and conversation with women who fill me up. I play the piano and write. I spend time with children. Blessings!

  2. I take wednesday as the day to brake the monotony, it’s the weekend of the middle of the week.Making it a point to finish thigs early and catch a movie,go see mom or a friend, check out a new book, a new restaurant.
    I’m enjoying life and been a woman!

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