National Dads Matter Week: A Shout Out To The Lakes Area Daddys

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This week I want to send out a big “Heck YEAH!” to the Super Dads in our lovely Lakes Area.  Many may not know this  (I didn’t until about 1day ago) that is is National Dads Matter Week. This week of  Monday 6th December is aimed at raising awareness of the important role Dads play in the upbringing and education of their children..

To coincide with this, the findings of a new UK survey of parents is released today which shows that kids enjoy time with dads but dads feel left out of their child’s upbringing. Key findings include:

73.3 per cent of parents said dads were very or extremely important to their child’s development

87.17 per cent of dads interviewed felt they were a good role model for their children and the majority (74 per cent) of parents thoughts dads were equally important to their sons as well as daughters

Nearly 20 per cent (19.62) of dads feel left out of their child’s upbringing whilst 62 per cent of parents thought dads could be more involved with their children.

From MSn’s
Seven Moves That Will Make You A Better Dad:

My fav? #3 Get Off Your Rear: While we may be proud of our lecturing skills, most of the time when we talk all our kids hear is, “Blah, blah, blah.” So that makes our actions even more important. You can tell the kids that it’s important to be healthy and active, but if all they ever see you do is sit on the couch shoveling Doritos into your mouth as you watch “Celebrity Rehab,” they’re going to do the exact same thing. Kids should always be learning, exploring and trying new things. It’s all part of how they find out what they’re passionate about and who they are.

Dads can help fuel this exploration by doing the same thing; getting involved in new sports, musical instruments, and activities. This keeps dads fresh and active, and also shows kids that it’s cool to try new things. Want to crank up the enthusiasm? Get juniors buddy and his dad in the game too — kids will do almost anything if their friends are involved. If you want to start golfing, make it a foursome and it’ll be even more fun.

There’s another quote I’d like to throw in. Remember that corny show a few years ago? Something like Scott Baio is 46 And Pregnant?

Dumb show..I watched every second of it too. The one part that sticks in my mind is when Scott B visits his hometown church and admits to the Nun On Duty that he is terrified parenthood. Her response: “The best gift you can give a child is to love his/her Mother.”

Well said, Sister.Though I still scratch my head as to how he can tolerate me…my hubby does this, and does he it well. You are an exceptional Daddy and a pretty cool cat, Paul Flansburg.

So this week, do me a solid and give the Daddys in your life a little extra hugs, encouragement, and acknowledgment. Whether it’s your Daddy, or your baby’s Daddy let them know THEY MATTER 🙂

Personally, other than my spousal until, I am very short on Daddy’s in my life. And it blows. My Dad and Dad-In-Law are all up in heaven playing cards with the angels.  So cherish your Dads NOW. They are precious commodities.

Have a great day and be sure and pop back tomorrow to see how I mortified myself this week during my Real Mom’s Food Journey!

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