The Real Moms Food Journey

The Real Moms Food Journey: Let This Weightloss Adventure Begin!

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Yo peeps! Whattup dawg! Hmm…yes…YES..that was exceptionally lame.

AnyWHOO…Welcome to our new Wednesday feature called The Real Mom’s Food Journey! WOOT!

 For those of you just tuning in…I have got a BIG problem. It’s called….MY BUTT. I have wwaayyyy too much Junk In My Trunk. An overabundance of Ghetto Bootie. May I be brutally honest? OK… so much in fact, it’s pissin me off, undermining my confidence, and making me pant like a wounded walrus every time I climb stairs.

It sucks. And I have no one to blame but ME.

BUT, never fear, The Smart People are HERE! Thank goodness I am blessed with Smart Friends. People who care about me and want to see me succeed. The next few weeks/months/years my goal it to lose 50 pounds. Lose the weight, get healthy, eat better, and improve my life. Did I mention I want to live to see my kids grow up too?

There ya have it.

A big part of The Real Mom’s Food Journey will be “diet buddy” the lovely Miss Shannon Janco. When I first publicly mentioned our Real Mom’s Food Journey plan (in the kick-butt article about Happy Healthy YOU expo in the Brained Dispatch) I named her as my Diet Sidekick. She read it and exclaimed, “Darn you! Now I actually have to do it!”


She will be my compadre in the pursuit of life, liberty, and thinner thighs. I don’t think I could have a better co-pilot in this journey. She’s one of the few people that can give me a tough-love verbal smackdown..and I’ll actually listen. Most of the time 🙂

Speaking of people I will listen to, a big part of this Journey will also Miss Energy herself Amy Kenow of Sunlife Wellness. I like her, I’ll listen to her, and she blows me away with her nutrition knowledge. We have committed to meet when we can (hopefully once a week) and work this weight loss plan like a project.

Together, we will git er done.

Journey #1: Yesterday I buddied up with nutrition-guru-gal-pal Amy and we went on a foray into the Crow Wing Food Co-op.

Now, I have been to this particular store before, but really had NO CLUE what to buy. Or why I was buying it. It was fabby shadowing her and seeing this Gold Mine of Goodness through her eyes. I am trying new things, and avoiding the things I would have automatically gravitated to (cheddar bunny crackers, chips…even though they are STILL healthier versions, they are just an unnecessary purchase). Green, fresh, as close to it’s original form as possible. Being lactose intolerant, I found some cool new products and new alternatives. I bought some new grains (I admit to being a total carb ho), and even pushed the envelope by committing to try a pomegranate. I hope it’s good. It looks freakishly like a beet to me. Oh yes! I also got HUMUS! I love humus. I had forgotten I love humus. Uuummm…HUMUS. One drawback though…don’t get downwind of me. Forgot about the “backfire” factor. Beano anyone?

I am excited to get munchin on my new food selections and am excited to go back there and shop soon. OH yeah…. If you ever DO have questions about what to buy at CW Food Coop, just ask Jessie or Mel. They are a wealth of information and two very cool ladies 🙂

WELL, as much as I’d love to dawdle over the keyboard, Mr Treadmill is calling..and he is a demanding fellow. Did I mention exercise is the bane of my existence? Yeeaaahhhh….

N.M.E (say it real fast with NME, NME, en-ne-my) also know as NO More Excuses.

Be sure and say tuned to our Real Moms Food Journey. We could use your thoughts, suggestions, prayers, and Comment Luv.

Subscribers always make me want to exercise too (hint, hint) 🙂


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