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Real Mom’s Food Journey- Exercise and The Dreaded Time Crunch

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As I sit here and type this, my trained Mommy Ear is listening for sounds of…yakking.

YES, stomach flu has invaded our house.


Now I am SUPER grateful I made the time to take a nice, long, calorie burning walk yesterday cuz frankly, I am not sure when the next “spare time” might arise.

As anyone who works full time and/or is a parent knows, there’s just never enough hours in the dang day. That’s just life.

I lamented my Lack-O-Time theory to Joan at Fitquest (which were really cleverly disguised EXCUSES), and I truly loved her response. Take this to heart. It’s true:

You have to TAKE the time. I have preached it for years, that there is always something else to be done, but this is top priority. Ironically – you with the MOM connection – it is moms that I stress it to. You are taking care of everyone else, and by taking care of yourself can do better for everyone else (the oxygen mask on the airplane theory – put your own on first or you’re no help to anyone else!). Make an appt in your mind, then just DO IT. The benefits will help you keep going!”

So your/my goal this week….FIND THE TIME for exercise. And it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. Don’t NOT exercise because you can’t do a 60 minute cardio burn. Take the minutes you have and use them. Walk, climb stairs, hop on your treadmill. Commit to 15 minutes…then see if you can squeak out 20. Do something. And do it soon.

Skinny jeans, here we come 🙂

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