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I Committ To Buying Local This Holiday Season

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Do you know me? I believe we live in the same town. Hang in the same places. Have the same dreams and goals. We also love our community and want to see it grow.

Do you know me? Yes? GOOD.  Look out then. I plan to try to spend money with you this Holiday Season.

I commit to doing my Christmas shopping with local friends, family, Mom Squaders and business associates this year to the best of my ability. Locals and Independents.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

p.s I am ordering some of the Buy Local Posters above. They are 11×15 and are on 60 pound glossy paper. They are $2.50 each and I hoping to get two different styles. If you would like to purchase some  for your workplace or business, shoot me an email at THANKS! 

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2 thoughts on “I Committ To Buying Local This Holiday Season

  1. If you want to buy (or advertise) locally, check out the Brainerd Community Internet site ( It offers a search of local web sites and free online advertising for local businesses in the local marketplace.

    This is a project by Northern Community Radio (KAXE, 89.9 FM in Brainerd) to bring local communities together using the internet. The site also aggregates links to posts on local blogs and news sources. That is where I saw this post.

  2. Thanks Ross! I love that site! I found it via Twitter and registered both my blogs there. There is always really good community news on that site. Everyone should check it out!

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