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Tis The Season : The Great American BlubberButt Fest

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That got your attention didn’t it?

Yesterday as I was plotting out my next few months on the calendar, I noticed something.
a. I have a few delightful opportunities for paid holidays for work
b. The next  few months is gonna be a Endless Eat-Fest. And Eat-Fests are hell on the waistline. Let the Great American Blubberbutt Fest begin.

Think of it as a kind of reverse-Ramadan, only twice as long and twenty times as fattening.

First, we have Halloween treats which consist on Fun Sized Candy Bars which are only “fun” until you’ve eaten about 4 (they should be called Teaser Sized.)

Then it’s onto Thanksgiving which, for me, equals hanging out with people who are better cooks than me, and who create tasty dishes that could be profiled on The Food Network. And you have to try ’em. You just gotta.

Then on to Christmas where plates of treats show up in droves for well meaning neighbors, which in turn gravitate to the office break room for endless noshing and grazing fun.

And if that just not festive enough, GABF always runs in parallel to school fundraisers. You know, those glossy magazines your child lugs home filled with $40 Cheesecakes and Million Dollar Cookie Dough that is available for guilt-riden parents/coworkers/rellie to purchase? What? You’re only buying one thing? Com ‘on. Take one for the team! Don’t make ME make up the difference! My cupboard is still filled with Prehistoric Peanut Brittle from last season. Because, dontchaknow if he sells $20,000 worth, he’ll get some $1.99 “Alien Fingers” that will work 6 times and croak……….
It’s all worth it for sake of The Bigger Picture.

As I reread this post, there’s one thing I know for sure. If I buy into GABF again this year the only Bigger Picture thing will be my butt getter BIGGER. Can’t do it. Time to break the cycle.

I know I’ve said this before (and YES I have made some headway in the weight loss quest) but I really need to buckle down and call in the troops before full GABF season is upon me.

Enter my “smart friends”. Smart friends are people that know wwaaayyy more than me in the nutrition and exercise realm. They also are people I respect and cherish. These are the people who will make me accountable and make sure I so what I am supposed to:
Eat Better
Portion Control
Get off my big BEhind and Exercise
Make Better Food Choices.

Who better than to be my Troop Leader in this adventure than Amy Kenow from Sunlife Wellness. She’s smart, she’s motivating, plus she kinda scares me a little. And that’s not easy to do.

THEN, there’s Diet Buddy, Shannon. Both of us have the same quest, same weight loss goals, and we both want to see each other succeed. Plus she scares me a little too….wtf?

The Real Mom’s Food Journey; Real Life, Real Food. Hop on. It’s gonna be a fun ride 🙂

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