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Sunday Spotlight: Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Here we are.

It’s Sunday and it just dawned on me I am UNPREPARED in the way of the Sunday Spotlight, grasshopper.

SO, because I’m a slug, I decided to do something different. Anyone that knows me knows I am hardcore Mommy Blogger. I love to write, blog, and discover other amazing blogs. Trust me, the Blogoshere is huge and cooler than you could ever imagine.

I get asked often by people who say, “tell me one thing that will help me get started with blogging.”

As much as I love teaching people about blogs and blogging, that is an impossible question to answer with just “one thing”. It’s like someone asking “tell me how you lost 100 pounds“. It can’t be done in one sentence. There’s not just one thing, there’s a bazillion.

So instead I will share a mittful of ideas and thoughts to help to get you on your way to Blogdom.

FOCUS. In my opinion, focus is the key to success. It’s right up there with good content. If you blog already you need to figure out what you blog is about. Too many Mommy Bloggers write about way too many topics. Although the “jack of all trades” writing may work in the very beginning, you will need to fine tune your posts later on down the road. That doesn’t mean you can’t write on a multiple topics on your blog-you just need to pick topics that fit around your niche. Are you a Foodie? (food topics) Green Initiative? Thrift and money management? Health & Wellness?
Pick one, and rock it!

TITLES AND KEYWORDS: Not only do your titles need to match what you are writing about, they need to be catchy and fun. The title “Dear Beastwomen I Just Saw At Walmart” may not have the keyword “umph” …BUT it’s catchy and unique and it will make people want to click on it and read more.
I could go on for days onthe subject of SEO (search Engine Optimization) and Keywords, but I won’t. The speed readers version would be that certain words are searched on the World Wide Web frequently. If your title contains these keywords, greater are the chances your blog will pop up when Josephina Public is searching for something on Google. My story Fish Emergency In The Express Lane was probably the funniest story I ever wrote, but didn’t get tons of views. But my post about Blogging Definitions had good keywords and the views were off the charts.

Readers-vs-Visitors, which do you want? This is a complicated one to explain, but it will determine the voice of your blog. “Visitors” could be the types of people who pop by your blog just long enough to enter your giveaway, add themselves as a follower (because it’s part of the instructions of the contest), drive up your traffic numbers and page views (which makes your blog more valuable in the eyes advertisers), but disappear quickly and probably never visit your blog again. Readers on the other hand are people committed to your blog and stop by because they like what you have to say. I am more about Readers although I am exploring ways to “monetize” my blog and marry the two together. More about that at a later date.

Well, that’s all for now. The kids are up, I am starving, and we need to get cleaned up for church. I hope these tips were helpful and leave a comment if you’d like to hear more about blogs and blogging. I swear next Sunday I will be more prepared and have our usual Sunday Spotlight ready to roll.

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