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Sunday Spotlight: Amy Kenow from Sunlife Wellness

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Howdy all!! Welcome to Mom Squad’s Sunday Spotlight. This is a fun feature we do every Sunday to profile our Mom Squaders. This week we are having a chat with Amy Kenow from Sunlife Wellness. Hanging with Amy is like hanging with a ray of sunshine! Welcome Amy. Tell us a bit about Sunlife Wellness.

Amy: Sunlife Wellness…A full service, mobile health, nutrition, fitness, yoga- coaching/consulting one woman operation! Worksite wellness, natural health and nutritional counseling, grocery shopping guidance, pantry make overs, yoga and Pilate’s, personal training, group fitness, water fitness, group speaking, sunlife smoothie maker. Emphasis on family wellness, prenatal, fertility, lactation, infants and children.

ME: Good lord, woman. Is there anything you don’t do?? Very impressive. I wish I would have known you years ago when we were struggling with infertility in our own family. And I seriously am all over those Pantry Makeovers. How long have you been involved in your business?

Amy: Sunlife Wellness; 2 years. Sunlife yoga parties; 4 years, Health and phy-ed teaching; 5 years. Fitness training; 18 years. Goodness that makes me sound old.

ME: HA! You’re still younger than ME! You have a gorgeous family and some pretty precious little ones. Share with us a bit about your life.

Amy: We live in Brainerd. Shawn, my husband (electrician) and I have been married 10 yrs. We have a 5 yr. old daughter Anna, 1 yr old twins Josephine and Oliver (Josie & Ollie). Having twins-plus-one is like nothing I can even explain…it’s straight up survival! We are a pretty tight bunch, very outdoorsy camping, fishing, biking, hiking anything that involves fitness for me is great. I love reading and I am obsessed with learning more. My library is taking over our house! I am very into organics, local food and farming, food politics, public health, childhood obesity. I love music and traveling. With this larger family as of late, fun and hobbies are a little sparse, but we’re working on that.

ME: I almost feel like a nerd asking this because, talking to you I already feel like I’m talking to Super Mama, but if you could have any super power, what would you pick?

Amy: The power of coercion or flying, undecided on that one.

ME: Where do you see Sunlife or yourself in 5 years?

Amy: hmm…Definitely still in wellness. I’d like to expand with my own big space for an office and some specialized fun, unique, fitness classes and personal training. I’d love to have other wellness coaches working for Sunlife as well. I aspire to do more group speaking and corporate/workplace wellness. I’d like to offer my “Sunlife Smoothies” in a retail space- organic, all natural, non-dairy nutritional specialized smoothies made for everyone from a child with allergies, to a expecting mom to a diabetic senior.

ME: As a very busy Mom-in-business, what advice can you give to other Momprenuers?

Amy: It’s just hard. Don’t expect it to be easy, but the rewards can be great. Love or at least like what you’re doing or else it spreads into your whole family. Mom is the barometer! Find balance! Love yourself, do your best, have pride, and be confident in your abilities. Ask for help when you need it, and take it when you need it. Take it easy on yourself, it’s all a journey. Learn how to say no. Exercise and do yoga, it is amazing and will dramatically improve stress.

ME:”Mom is the barometer! Find balance!”…that is SO true. I find when I’m down, sad, pissy, it seems to transfer to my kids. Makes you really think about how you conduct yourself. The little people in your life pick up on wwaaayy more than you’d think. Speaking of “little people”, share if you dare you most embarrassing “Mom Story.”

Amy: My daughter at 3 telling me a woman has a “big butt” very loudly at Cub Foods.We had a nice learning conversation on the way home.

ME: When you’re not running in 12 different directions, what so you do to relax?

Amy: READ!

ME: I’m with ya on that one. I need to take more time to make the time to read. My “wanna read” pile is out of control! You are such a fun person to talk to, Amy. What would you say your strong suit is? In business or even in regular life?

Amy: I am bold and confident, I say it like it is. I am passionate. Life is to short! Live it! It doesn’t phase me to walk into someone’s life and get to work. I love what I do and believe in what I can offer with much enthusiasm. I love networking and marketing promotion, and I also love getting people the resources they need to help them get to where they want to be.

ME: You do so much now, but if you could do anything, and money was no object, what path would you take? What dream would you pursue?

Amy: A professional traveler, to see the world with my family would be an priceless education. I would love to volunteer in health/women’s issues in foreign countries. Such as maternal health, gender violence and sex trafficking, it’s horrifying and yet hopeful.

ME: If you were to put yourself in “time out”, where would you place yourself and why?

Amy: Hawaii. I fell in love with it. The culture, fresh food, the active people, the climate, the ocean. If we could make it there I probably would.

ME: And there’s another important place you’ll at be soon too. On October 16th, you will be a participating business at our Happy Healthy YOU expo! We are super stoked to have you on board, and HHU is the kick-off to another very special project you and I will be working on!

Amy: YES, look for me at Happy Healthy YOU and watch for more details on our (Becky & Shannon) next project; The Real Mom’s Food Journey: Real Life, Real Food. Good stuff!

ME: YES! I am excited, and scared crapless all the same time. BUT I am very excited to have you in my corner helping me get my health whipped into shape. Any parting words of Mommy Wisdom you’d like to share?

Amy: Parenting is tremendously hard work and to do it well even more difficult, and yet it’s the most important “job” you will ever have.

ME: Amen! I’ve always say Parenthood is the hardest work you’ll ever do, and the most rewarding work you’ll ever do. Anything you’d like to add?

Amy: Make the best investment possible now, and that is your health. OR you can “pay” more later in poor health. I believe prevention is best and you need to make wellness a part of your life. When you build it in and it becomes habitual, it becomes easier. Utilize support, education and guidance, motivation (me!) Eat well…Live well…be well.

Amy Kenow


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