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Step Aside Bear Grylls-Mama’s headin to St Paul!

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By the time you read this, it’s possible I will already be eyeball deep in my latest adventure.

I love the show Man -vs-Wild and try to live my life under the mentorship of the yummy, yet gusty Bear Grylls.

For example: I encounter a dead s.k.u.n.k on the road. Question: What would Bear Grylls do? Skin the nasty little bugger and use it for a hat. DUH! Sooo…, what does Becky do? Plug her nose and drive like hell.

It’s kinda the same. Yet really different.

So with Bear Grylls as my co-pilot, I embark on my next adventure….. Driving in St. Paul, Minnesota.

What? Jump Back, girlfriend! Are you serious?

Frick yeah. I am livin on the edge.

So for those of you rolling your eyes, shaking your heads, and muttering “driving in the cities is easy..” Fabby. Show your a$$ up at my house at 5:00 a.m Saturday and drive me there. This is a big deal to me. Apparently, I don’t Get.Out.Of.The.Woods MUCH.

So why am I going to St Paul? Because I am going to…(drum roll)…..MN Blogger!!!!!! Woot!! For me, that’s damn near like winning a ticket to go the Grammy’s or Lady Gaga (that one was for you Shannon). Mn Blogger Conference is the first ever convention for any bloggers in the state of Minnesota. And before you make a snarky comment about “the whole two of you”, let me inform you this conference sold out in 2 hours. Ha! AnyWhoo, it’s a big deal that I am able to go and I am SUPER excited. I hope to learn even more than I already know about Blogging, writing, and Social Media.

This info will be very useful for when I teach Blogging Basics at Community Ed in October.

Didn’t know I was teaching that? Well there ya go. Now you do 🙂

So the short story on how I was able to go to a sold-out-first-ever-Rock-Star-huge Blogger convention is that:
a. They offered up a writing contest for the last remaining ticket.
b. I wrote a blog post on my Franticmommy blog telling them why I should be able to go.
c. I won. End of story. Feeling me grinning from ear-to-ear?

So here’s an except that I sent to TopRank stating that I deserved to go because “I am a committed blogger:”

* When I blog, I am Raw. I am Real. And I like it that way. Warts and all, no excuses, no apologies. And an occasional poop story. boo-yah.

* I will gladly give up precious sleep and get up at 5 a.m because it’s the only time all day I have the computer 100% to myself.

* I forgo morning exercise, just to “get caught up on commenting.”

* I “clench” furiously….painfully……and put off going to the bathroom just so I can “finish this post”. (sorry if TMI-“raw and real” ‘member?)

* I sit down to blog, look up, and an hour has passed.

* I call people I’ve never met “my friend” because they are a part of my Tribe. And it’s perfectly normal….in the Blog World.

* I routinely get annoyed at my day job (you know, the one that puts food on my table and keeps a roof over my head??) because it interrupts my Social Media efforts.

* I ignore the blank looks people give me when I say “I’m a blogger” (it’s like I said “I’m a booger”). I just smile and shrug it off because I KNOW what an amazing world the Blog World is. I know how much those people are missin out.
***If you want to read the rest of the post, go here****

So on Saturday at approx 8:00 a.m, picture me in your head, rollin up on Mn Blogger in my Mom Squad emblazoned Rav 4, probably bawling with frustration because I’ve gotten lost four times, said the f-bomb 12 times, and clenching cuz I have to PEE like a race horse.
Picture me mingling with the heavy-hitter Professional Marketing bloggers, the Professional Law Bloggers, and probably quite a few of the Professional Real Estate bloggers. I plan to shake their hand, give them my card and say “have you read my blog? Be sure and read the story about the Legend of the Poop Knife, and The School Called, Your Kid Ate a Piece of Deer Skull Today. They are my best work….”  😉

I should fit right in……..

p.s be sure and pop back to this blog Sunday for our Sunday Spotlight. I plan to razz the crap outta interview the lovely Miss Shannon Janco. Should be a hoot.

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